Friday, May 8, 2015

Dimitri's Joy - Chapter Forty Eight

"I can't thank you enough for what you did for Emily, I know it was a long trip here and what you had to do to get what you needed was difficult but I wanted you to know we are forever in your debt," he tells Nolan.

A grin spreads across Nolan's face. "It was a pleasure to do something that could change the life of someone. It's been so long since I had used my magic that I almost forgot how to use it. The last time I did it was to bring back my wife when so long ago her grandmother killed her and her brother. You and Emily owe me nothing," he replies. 

"Can I see her now?" Dimitri asks. "Yes you can but remember that she may still be unconscious and unaware of what happened to her. If she comes to, try to not put her into shock with the news that she died. And don't alarm her of the baby's state. She may not even know that she's pregnant," he says. 

"Thank you bro," Dimitri says as he pulls Daniel into his arms and almost squeezes the life out of him. "It's what brothers do," he replies as Dimitri squeezes harder. 

"I'm going to move her up to her room so can you guys get what ever she needs, like the ivs and stuff so we can get her well again," Dimitri asks. "I'll get it ready. We will have it up there but won't bring it in until you have her situated in her room," Daniel replies. 

Dimitri heads out of the room leaving everyone to their tasks while he heads down to see Emily.

A baby, I'm going to be a dad. The excitement fills him with delight. A little girl or boy running around. Will it be a little fairy like his mommy or a strong boy like his daddy. His thoughts go ragged as he makes his way down to the next floor. I can't get too excited what if it didn't make it? I got to push these ideas out of my mind till I know for sure. 

He enters the room and sees Emily laying peacefully on the table where he last seen her. She's a welcoming site and his heart speeds up as he gets closer to her. 

He for the first time sees her wings glowing and moving in a slow rhythm as her chest slowly rises. Her skin is now more pink and not the pale blue color that he had seen the last time he was in there with her. 

Dimitri sets down beside Emily as he watches her breath. He watches her wings flutter and its a welcoming sign that she's still with him. He brushes her cheek and the warmth of her skin soothes his ragged soul. 

"I thought I lost you again. When Daniel called me and told me you passed, my world stopped. I can't live in this world without you," Dimitri tells Emily as he strokes her face. 

He picks her up and starts for the door. He was hoping that his touch would rouse her from her sleep but she still sleeps. He pulls her close so he can feel her heartbeat on his chest. He slowly makes his way upstairs with her. 

Dimitri lays her on the bed and she lays as if shes only asleep. 

After Dimitri lays Emily on the bed and situates her, the Doctor that Dimitri privately hired checks Emily out. She gets Emily hooked up on an IV drip to help with her weight and nutrition to get her more stable. She then hooks up the monitor to monitor her vitals while they wait for her to regain consciousness. 

She's all ready now. All we have to do is wait. I'll be here with her the whole time. I'm not leaving this room unless I have to go and you can stay with her while I do," she giggles. 

"How do her vitals look right now?" Dimitri asks. "She looks good but you can tell she's very weak. She's very dehydrated and needs lots of nutrients to get her and the baby on track.

"So far the heartbeat of the baby is strong. I will know more when I get a ultrasound. I have a machine being delivered later today," she explains to Dimitri. Dimitri lets out a sigh of relief. A baby, I'm going to be a daddy and Emily I know will be excited when she finds out.

Dimitri scoots Emily over and pulls her into his arms. His exhaustion claims him and he drifts off to sleep with Emily by his side. The doctor stays in the room and keeps check on her vitals while they sleep.

Dimitri never moves. He seems so peaceful with Emily in his arms and his steady breathing means he's a little more relaxed.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Gift Of Light - Chapter Forty Seven

The ball of light grows then explodes into tiny little lights around her body. 

Her body raises from the table and hovers lifeless. 

He continues to chant and smoke fills the air. 

Then Light explodes from her body. Just tiny little balls of light circle around her. Nolan continues.....

More light comes from her and Nolan is getting exhausted. He must continue. He knows its working and it's just a matter of time before she comes back to them. 

Then something happens. A light tiny at first starts coming from her back. It slowly starts to grow in size. Nolan steps back.

Then her wings explode from her back and comes to life with a slow rhythm. It's the only signs that it worked. 

Her body slowly comes down and rests back on the table. Nolan examines her and waves his wand one more time just to boost her life force. 

Motionless other than the slow rise and fall of her chest and her wings in motion is the only signs that she's alive. Nolan checks her over and finds that she has a steady but slow heart beat. Now that she's stable enough to leave Nolan heads upstairs to deliver the news to Dimitri. 

Chris and Daniel all jump up off the floor and head over to Dimitri and Nolan. "It worked, but she still has not regained consciousness," he says. 

Everyone in the room lets out a breath of relief. "Is that normal for her to be unconscious?" Dimitri asks. "Yes she died and her body has to have time to recover. It could be hours or days before she regains consciousness," he explains. 

"There's something else you might want to know," Nolan says. "What?," Dimitri looks at him with concern. "She's with child but I don't know the status of the baby as of right now. It most likely died when she did and I felt it's presence when I was doing the spell. I don't know if I brought it back with her or if it still is dead. Only time will tell. 

"A baby!" Dimitri chokes out. "I was a night walker when we..............and it could be a fairy, a night walker or something else. It wont harm her will it?" he asks. "It shouldn't but we need to keep a eye on her to make sure she recovers fully. She will need fluids and plenty of rest. Then we can have some specialists come in and take a look at the baby if she doesn't miscarry," Nolan tells Dimitri. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Wizard - Chapter Forty Six

"We need to move her body to Dimitri's lab. If they can do anything we should have her there and ready," he explains. "I can't imagine what they can do for her now. She has been dead for some time but her body is still warm. Ok, can you carry her on your own?"  Jen asks. "You never know about anything. Lets just say in my family history strange things have happened and I have seen a lot of things. Can you get the doors for me," he replies as he heads over to the bed. 

In one swift motion he scoops up Emily's lifeless body. I can see the grief all over his face when her arms fall and her head dangles. He carries her gently making sure he doesn't hit any part of her body on anything as we make our way down to the main floor. 

We make it down stairs and Jen clears a table off for Emily's body. Daniel places her on the table and Jen positions her. She straightens her out and crosses her hands over her chest. 

Daniel pulls a chair up and sets down while he waits on his brother. He knows it wont be much longer before he gets there. Dread fills him as he knows he will see his brother fall apart. All he can do is hope he does not loose his mind from grief. 

The door opens and in comes Chris, a strange man and Dimitri bringing up the end. Daniel catches eye on their faces and you can tell they are upset. The only one that appears to have no emotions is the strange guy. His appearance looked as if he was a cursed one. One of the originals like the queens family. Chris looks as though he's been crying but he has no tears now and Dimitri looks crushed.  

Chris looks at Jen who has been crying the whole time as the streaks of tears stain her cheeks. "Jen, are you ok?" he whispers. She looks up but seems so far away in her expression. He can tell it has taken a tole on her. She slowly nods her head but she still looks lost. 

Dimitri slowly makes his way to Emily's side. His body is stiff and rigid as he tries to control his emotions. The tears are already running down his cheeks and he just stares. He stops beside the table and when everyone thinks hes going to rip her off the table into his arms, he stands there silently as the tears continue down his face. 

Chris joins Dimitri but by the time he reaches his side Dimitri is broken. Dimitri's silence breaks free and he is screaming. No one can make out what he's saying. He rambles on and goes to grab Emily. Chris grabs his arm and Dimitri stops. 

Suddenly Dimitri collapses to the ground and cries. He screams and then cries out. Chris backs away and can only watch his best friend's soul break. Chris looks mortified and lost at the same time. He wants to help his best friend but is helpless in what to do. There is nothing he can do but stand and watch. He knows he needs to get it out or he will loose his mind. No one else approaches but stands waiting for Dimitri to gain himself. 

"Get him out, I have work to do," a voice breaks through the commotion. It's the voice of Nolan the wizard they brought back with them. Chris makes his way over to Dimitri and drops down beside him. 

"Dimitri, we got to let him do his thing. Come on," Chris says as he pulls Dimitri up from the floor. 

"We were to late. She's gone," he cries out as Chris and Daniel pull him away. 

"Don't give up yet," Chris says as they keep pulling Dimitri toward the door. "Yes we are, we are to late. She's dead. He can't bring back the dead," he chokes out between the sobs. 

They get Dimitri upstairs into the living room. Dimitri walks over to the fireplace and just drops down and cries. Chris and Daniel join him so they can be there for him. They sit in silence as they hope for the best. 

Daniel wants to take the pain away from his brother but he can't. He had never found love like Dimitri and Emily had and all they wanted was to be happy and be together, but every time they tried it seemed like some force was ripping them apart. Now with everything that they had been through was it the end. 

Chris was trying to run all the scenarios through his head on what to do if the situation turned bad. Would he have to restrain Dimitri, could he even with the help of Daniel and the others. If Dimitri truly felt that it was over they all knew he would lose it. 

Dimitri just sobbed. His mind was blank and his soul was empty. He held a little hope that Nolan could do something but he wasn't ready to face the fact that she was gone. Really gone. He wanted to run to her to feel her body against his to feel her heart beat against his chest but he knew if he had touched her that it would have confirmed his worst fears. He would feel her cold body in his thoughts for the rest of his life. All he could do was wait and try not to lose it. 

After the door shuts Nolan steps up beside Emily. He has his wand and he sprinkles the dust across Emily's body. 

He begins to chant in a language that can not be understood.

Green light comes out of his wand and circles Emily's body. He keeps on chanting. 

The light gets brighter as his chants fill the room. 

A small explosion ignites above Emily's body. "Strange," he says but keeps on going. 

Tiny colors of light rise from Emily's body but no signs of life are there. He keeps chanting.

Then a light, a small light comes to life. It starts over her body and keeps on growing in size. Nolan keeps chanting and his hands are trembling. Sweat begins to run down his face. He keeps on as the ball of light keeps on growing. 

It get's bigger................

And bigger....................