Friday, January 28, 2011

Hospital For Story Telling

Hospital For Story Telling

Here's the Hospital download link

I made this lot/house/hospital with my current game at the time. I had all the expansions and the last one I had was ambitions. It contains some ambitions stuff but most are from the regular game. Mostly just decor stuff. I used moveobjects on to put some of the items together, like the baby cot for the hospital nursery. Place the mat into the cot. The outfits I got from typing unlockoutfits in the cheat code box. I'm not sure if all the items will come with the lot without downloading them separately, so just in case, I'm including some of the links that make the hospital what it is. There are rabbit carpets that can make this a hospital, I just hadn't done it because I wanted to set up all the screen shots and haven't tried it.  It took a long time to complete this hospital. I think you will enjoy this lot and make your game nice for those who love having those babies, and want sick Sim's for stories. I just ask not to upload it as your own creations and just enjoy them for your own games. Thanks.

   Hospital Room 

Got a sick sim? 

Waiting Room

Doctor's Office 

Exam Room 


Baby Nursery 

Get those labor shots

After Labor 

Baby shots with doctor in the nursery

Mom and Dad with babies in nursery 

Babies in nursery 

First Floor 

Second Floor 

Third Floor 
Other items that make this hospital:

Hospital Set Items.

Cafe set for lobby.


Medical Diagrams and Charts

Medical Charts

Downtown Objects

"Place anywhere" TVs.

Rabbit Holes

Here's a better shot - a forum page

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Castaway: Chapter 8 - Shattered Lives

Chapter Eight - Shattered Lives

Jasmin, furious with Kevin, refuses to talk to him.

The same thing with Brad. He refuses to talk to Allison.

Brad, in disbelief, just sobs alone away from everyone else.

Jasmin is so distraught that she cries for days.

One day coming from the beach, she heads down the hill.

She runs into Brad and explains to him why she has not spoken to him since the discovery of Kevin's and Allison's betrayal against them both.

"I can't understand this Jasmin. I didn't see it at all. I was fooled just like you. I don't know what to feel or do."

"I'm with you on this Brad, I too, don't know what to do. Kevin has been a best friend, sole mate and a good father."

"I love Allison and I don't want to be with out her. Tell me what to do Jasmin."

"I can't tell you what you heart wants. But I know mine wants to rip her apart. But since you are my best friend, I will not do no harm to her. You must do what you feel is right. I will not hate you if you decide to take her back. But I will not speak to her ever again."

Brad's heart is heavy and he goes to think about if he will forgive Allison and take her back, or possibly spend the rest of his life alone on the island with out her.

"Daddy, I don't understand why you and mommy are so mad at each other. I have never seen you two mad at each other."

"Are we going to fly off this island on the plane you and Brad have been working on?" Megan asks.
"I don't know. It's very close to being fixed, but I'm not sure if me or your mommy want to leave," he replies.

Allison sees Brad is vulnerable and tries again to get him to forgive her and take her back. 
"I need to think about it Allison, you have really hurt me."

"I know I did. I know now that I don't want to be without you. I love you more now than I did then. Please forgive me." Allison asks of Brad.

Brad walks up to his hut and goes to relax and Allison follows him.

Allison craws into bed with Brad and cuddles up to him. 
"I do miss this Brad. I miss you."

Brad falls for Allison all over again and under the covers they go.

Kevin is still trying to get Jasmin to forgive him. 
"I will never look at her again. I will never leave you or Megan's side. I love you. I will show you that you can trust me again." he tells Jasmin.

Jasmin thinks about it while she spends time alone. 
I do miss him. I miss being with him. I feel so alone without him.

Kevin once again begs for forgiveness and as he starts to walk away Jasmin breaks down and calls him back.

"I do miss you Kevin. But you did hurt me deeply. I will forgive you. But you will have to earn my love back and my trust."

Jasmin is now a little happier and has more hope now.

Kevin and Jasmin share some time alone together in the pond. It's nice to have fun again.

Kevin seems like a new man now that he has Jasmin back in his life.

As time goes on, they begin to love each other again and things start to be like they were before Brad and Allison showed up.

Jasmin still talks to Brad, and one day Brad tells Jasmin that Allison is pregnant. 
"I'm happy for you Brad. I'm just glad to know it's yours and not Kevin's," she tells him.

Allison is starting to show now and hates the idea that shes stuck on an island pregnant and with people that hate her. 
I don't want to be pregnant or here.

Kevin seems excited but Allison seems withdrawn.

"How close is the plane to being fixed?" Allison asks Brad.

"Not much more," Kevin says. He is really handy and it should only be a day or so longer.

Allison, after hearing the news, perks up and gets all loving toward Brad.

But deep down Allison had another idea in mind. She still cared for Kevin and knew she couldn't have him, But now that she is pregnant with Brad's baby, she feels forced to be with him.

I have got to get off this island before I go crazy.

So, she puts her plan into motion. 
"Brad I know you are a nice guy, but they have been so mean to me. It's been months and neither one of them even talk to me. Brian doesn't even like talking to me. I want me and you to take off and leave them all here when the plane is fixed." she tells Brad.

"You want to leave your little brother here to?!" Brad says astonished.
"Yes I do. I can see he doesn't want to be with me and would prefer to live with them. It's not like my parents would miss them." she replies.
"I can't believe your saying this Allison!" Brad says in shock.
"If you want me and this baby, you will do this for me." she tells him.

So in the middle of the night,

while Jasmin and Kevin slept in their beds after putting the kids to bed..

they waited until all of them were sound asleep, started the plane and started to take off.

Kevin is startled out of his sleep with the sound of the plane, and recognizing the sound, took off as fast as he could to stop them from leaving them behind.

Jasmin and Kevin can't believe that Brad and Allison would do such a thing to them, and to Brian.

Brian's in shock that they would leave him here. His own sister would leave him here by himself with the others. 

All Megan can do is comfort him and tell him that everything will be alright. 
"You can live here with me. You're my best friend." she tells him.

What will happen to Jasmin, Kevin, Megan and Brian now that Allison and Brad are no longer there and that there dreams of being rescued are now crushed?