Monday, January 24, 2011

Castaway: Chapter 5 - Megan As A Child

Chapter Five - Megan As A Child

Megan is a daddy's girl.

Jasmin teaches Megan to cook and prepare meals.

Kevin teaches Megan how to build and put things together.

Each day is a new day for Megan and Kevin to try and teach Jasmin everything they know, since she can't go to school like other kids her age.

Kevin teaches Megan how to fish. Megan seems to love it.

"Look daddy! I caught a fish!"

Megan started the fire on her own.

"I want to go play on the island today." Why do I have to learn math right now?"

A rain storm blows in so Megan plays in her room.

The next day Megan is at it again, catching fish.

Megan, playing and learning on the island with her parents, had no clue what the outside world held.

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