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Castaway: Chapter 7 - The Betrayal

Chapter Seven - The Betrayal

Allison, the day she met Kevin, wanted to flirt with him. So one day, when she knew Jasmin and Brad were not there, she made her move. But Kevin refused her advances.
Before Allison knew what she had done, Jasmin was standing by the door and had seen everything.
But to see Kevin stop her advances, Jasmin didn't get too mad. We need to talk Allison. Let's go talk a walk. Allison knew she was in trouble with Jasmin, but explained that she didn't mean any harm,  and that it wouldn't happen again.

But one night Allison was bored, and Brad had fallen asleep, so Allison went down to Kevin's and Jasmin's hut.

Jasmin and the kids were asleep as well. Kevin had just come down into the kitchen for a drink when he was surprised to see Allison.  

Jasmin, now good friends with Brad, went together one day to gather supplies. She asked Brad if he truly loved Allison. 
"I just don't know about her. I'm getting a strange feeling about her. Something just isn't right." she said.
"Why do you ask this Jasmin?" Brad asked in response.
"Well, I walked in on her trying to kiss Kevin." she told him.

Hearing this was crushing to Brad. I can't believe she would do this to me.

So when he got back he confronted Allison about it. She admitted it, and said she was sorry. Brad being in love with her forgave her.

Now that Allison got Brad to forgive her, she knew to be more careful next time.

Kevin heading back to the hut passed by Jasmin and Allison, they were chatting like they always had before, like nothing had changed between them.

But little did he know that it wasn't a normal conversation. They were talking about him.

Brad and Allison were back to normal, all loving towards each other.

And the days of sitting together during meals seemed like any other.

But one night Allison was on the prowl again. She wanted Kevin so bad and she was determined.

She waited til she caught eye of him going to the bathroom and she tried again. But this time Kevin wasn't as objective to the idea.

But Kevin resisted and headed back to the hut.  
You will be mine Kevin, just wait and see.

Kevin was out fishing early the next day.

And Jasmin and Brad gathered firewood.

Kevin came back early from fishing to find that Brad and Jasmin hadn't come back yet.

Then Allison put the moves on Kevin again and he couldn't resist this time. They shared a kiss.

That night, after everyone was asleep, Kevin had the urge to go to the bathroom. He wondered off his normal path over to where he knew he would find Allison waiting for him.

There they embraced each other and kissed more.

The next day, they waited til everyone was gone and found themselves in Allison's room.

Before Kevin knew it they were making out.

And then Kevin did the unthinkable.

They met night after night.

And every chance they got, they were together.

Brad seemed unaware of Kevin and Allison's betrayal.

Kevin and Allison at it again. And Jasmin walks right in on them.

"I can't believe you would do this to me!"

"We have a family and you go and sleep with her!"

"I can't even look at you right now!"

What did I do. How could I've done this to the one person I love the most in the world! And for what?? A girl that I meet only a few months ago! I've really messed up.

It wasn't long before Brad found out and he was furious. 
"How could you do this Allison?? You were going to marry me. And you go and sleep with Kevin, that native monkey!"

"What, did I not give you everything?! You want to play cave women and stay here?! Go for it!"

"The engagement is off!"

Brad, so mad, thought he could take on Kevin and started fighting him. Next thing Brad found himself in a headlock.

And before he knew it he was on the ground. 
"I may be a cave man, but I'm stronger than you."

Allison, in desperation, goes and pleads with Brad to take her back. "We will get off this island one day and it will be me and you forever. Please forgive me Brad."

Will Jasmin ever forgive Kevin for his betrayal? 
Will they figure out how to live on the island in peace or will it always be war?
Will the couples stay together or part forever?

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