Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Castaway: Chapter 6 - The Newcomers

Chapter Six -  The Newcomers

Allison, Brad and Chad were on Brad's private plane on their way to a business trip when the plane went down. Brad owned many companies in the oil business and was very rich. He flew his own planes, and on this trip he took with him his fiancé and her little brother.

Brian wonders around a bit as his sister, Allison, and Brad decide what to do. Then, without warning, Megan runs up behind Brian and almost scares him to death.

"How in the world did we end up on this island?"

"I don't know," explained Brian. "I'll figure something out. At least the plane isn't a total loss. I did manage to land it safely. The engine just blew, it wasn't my fault."

"I'm sure someone will come looking for us when we don't show up at the meeting."

"Come with me Brian, we will go see my parents."
"You live here?" Brian asked. 
"Yes all my life," Megan replied.

"Lets go look around and see if we can figure out where we are."

Brad went over the hill and ran right into Jasmin and Kevin.
Kevin and Jasmin were in shock and just stood there.

As the shock wore off, Brad told Kevin what had happened.

Jasmin excitedly started dinner for her family and guests.

They all sat down and enjoyed the meal, and discussed what they were going to do.

Brad was so in love with Allison that he intended on marrying her. She came from a sad background. A year earlier her parents had passed away in a car accident leaving her to raise her younger brother, Brian, by herself. But Brad was willing to help her, and raise him like his own.

Brian was a good kid, he thought being here was like a big adventure. He tried to imagine himself growing up in a place like this, instead of tagging along with his sister and her fiancé. 
She was mean to him a lot and he knew she didn't want to raise him.

Brad was rich but he was also humble. He hadn't always been rich. He grew up with his parents and they were poor most of his childhood until he invested in some property and struck oil.

Allison was spoiled and was use to getting her way, but that all changed when her parents died. Now it was a struggle to make ends meet and to raise her younger brother, until she met Brad. She was one of his assistants and it didn't take her long to get his attention.

Jasmin and Kevin set up a place for Brad and Allison to stay. Megan was just amazed to see all the stuff that Allison had brought off the plane.

Brian sleeps in Megan's room. Kevin made him a bed of his own.

Jasmin keep everyone's clothes clean.

Megan loved spending time with Brian. It was fun to have someone her own age to talk to and play with.

Brian brought some books he had on the plane and Jasmin didn't waste any time digging in. She hadn't seen a book in so long it was like she had never seen one before.
Megan played in her room and Allison brought her a new toy. A little pink rabbit and toy horse.

It didn't take long before Brian and Megan were best friends. But deep down Brian had a crush on her. She wasn't like the other girls he knew.

Brad told Megan stories, like her mom had told her growing up, of a life that was so different than what she had known.

Kevin decided since he knew a lot about motors, that he might be able to help Brad get his plane fixed. A possible way to get off this island.

Brian and Kevin looked at the engine, and it was in fact blown. But Kevin was sure that in time he would be able to find some replacements to fix it.

Megan later that day asked her dad about the world and if it was possible that they would leave their home.

"I'm going to go and see if I can find some stuff to help get this engine fixed, you two have fun."

Brad and Allison settled in to their new hut that was built for them.

Brian and Megan fell asleep in their beds, in their room that they now shared.

Jasmin and Kevin, now finally asleep with the dreams of going back to the life they had once known.

Would they get the plane fixed?
Would they want to leave there private paradise of twelve years that they called home?

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