Thursday, January 20, 2011

Castaway: Chapter 2 - Kevin

Chapter Two - Kevin

 Kevin washed up on the beach in the middle of the night. He was on a plane heading to a meeting with some of his coworkers. They hit bad weather, the engines were struck by lightning, and the plane went down.
Kevin comes around in the dark and is unaware of his location. He's wet, cold, and in a strange place with no one in sight. He looks around and sees nothing but a beach and trees.

Strange noises and pitch black surrounds him. Kevin panics and begins to run in the dark, not knowing where he's going. He runs all night.

Tired from running, Kevin passes out from being so tired. Unaware of what's happened, Jasmin gathers her fruit that day, and walks right up on Kevin, laying asleep on the beach. She's shocked at the sight of another person and squeals with excitement.

Kevin wakes up and jumps to his feet out of shock from Jasmin's reaction. Jasmin tells Kevin that she's been stranded here for over a year.

Kevin explains that he was on a plane that went down last night and has no clue where he is.

Kevin, soaked in wet clothes, warms himself by the fire that Jasmin made earlier that day.

Tired and now warm, Kevin falls asleep on the log by the fire.

The next day Kevin explores the island in hopes to find the others that were on the plane. But no one was to be found.

Jasmin shows Kevin where all the fruit trees are and how to gather supplies.

As time passes, Kevin becomes good friends with Jasmin and they start to spend all there time together. Jasmin is so happy now with Kevin there that she almost forgets the life she had before.

They have a day of relaxation as Kevin tells Jasmin stories of his life and how he grew up.

Kevin is so relaxed. He's starting to enjoy his life on the island. It's peaceful and quiet, unlike the city that he lived in.

Kevin tries to catch fish, but all he manages to catch is this small one. He really only knows how to fix and build things.

Jasmin enjoys the evening with Kevin after dinner.

Kevin becomes really close to Jasmin. There wasn't anything they didn't know about each other. It had now been six months they had spent together.

Kevin tells Jasmin of some of the new additions he wants to add to their hut and how he is going to make it bigger and better.

One day while hanging out, Kevin jokes with Jasmin and starts to feel a little different about her. But he wont let her know just yet.

Jasmin cleans up the hut and prepares for dinner.

That evening, while Kevin is chatting with Jasmin, he cant stand it any longer and starts to flirt with her to see how she reacts.

And a moment later, Jasmin embraces Kevin.

Their first kiss. Kevin kisses Jasmin and it all falls into place.

Kevin is so smitten by Jasmin that he tells her he loves her all the time. Now that they have fallen in love, what will their future hold.


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