Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sims 3 Castaway

This is chapter one of my castaway story. A story of Jasmin struggling to survive on a stranded island after her cruise with some friends goes down.

Chapter One - Jasmin

Jasmin, a young adult, went on a cruse with her friends to celebrate her graduation from high school. One night a bad storm blew in unexpected and the boat was overturn. Jasmin the next morning awoke on a sandy beach only to realize she was alone in a strange place.

Jasmin knew if she was to survive on this island she would have to adapt to her surrounding and find food. Her dad, being a fisherman, taught her how to fish. So she made a fishing pole out of a stick and a rope that she found washed up on the beach that was once part of her clothes. She was able to catch some fish after several tries.
Jasmin  manages to get a fire started and begins to cook the fish she caught earlier that day. Her dad would have been proud. 

But as the night approached, it was a scary place. She was cold and lonely. She slept close to the fire on a log that she found on the beach.

The days flew by and she finally realized that there was a good chance that she would not be found. So she had to come up with a plan to make the best of her situation.

Another day came to an end and tomorrow would be the best time to start her shelter. So that night she slept on the log to build her energy up.

She searched the island and gathered all that she could use.  She found many things that was washed ashore from the wreckage and other items from the island. It took her weeks to get them all gathered.

Jasmin, hoping it wouldn't take much longer, was happy to think she would be out of the weather. She tried very hard not to think of what she had, but what her new life held.

She found fruit on the island which made a good snack between fishing and added flavor to her meals.

Finally after a few months Jasmin finally had her hut to call her home.

Right off the beach she had access to fish and could wash up. She had plenty of shade on the hot days, and her hut to go to in during the cooler nights.

She even managed to make a bed to sleep in and was much more comfortable than all those nights spent sleeping on the log, which she had grown use to.

But the days grew lonely and she had no one to talk to. She would sit and think of her family and friends and how they didn't know if she was dead or alive.

To pass the time, Jasmin would gather supplies for the day. She would gather fruit and anything that would wash up on the beach, and would fish for supper.

Now that life was getting a little simpler for Jasmin, she started to wonder if she would ever be rescued, or would she be stranded forever, alone on this island.


  1. This is the Sims 3?? or 2? I never had Sims 2 soo... i dont really know what they looked like :P

  2. It's the sims 3 pc game. I used in game and cc stuff to recreate a stranded island for the story. I got the idea from the sims 2 castaway game. It was one of my favorit games to play.

    1. i have castaway for wii its nice but i love the sims 3 more :P

  3. I can see some houses in the background

  4. Nice check out my blog.

  5. Nice story getting sims2 castaway in a few days help me what I should do

    1. That's what inspired me to do this story. I played it and loved sims 2 castaway. Play the story line first and then after you beat it continue with it with your own story. Make a life for them and build there generations to come.

  6. Nice story really interesting one quesition why doesn't she look for her friends?

    1. She did look, and she's stranded on a island with no one in sight.

  7. Replies
    1. She doesn't know where. They either died or are rescued. I figure the first option happened. The ship went down so most likely they died.

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you, I really enjoyed this story being it was my first story I did with the sims 3 game. Im now working on the fourth story.

  9. Please, what's your neighborhood please ?