Saturday, February 26, 2011

Castaway Chapter 11 - Megan And Brian's Baby Joy

Megan has grown into quite the lovely women. She's got a new husband and couldn't be more happy.

Megan still can't believe she's married. She's always looking at her ring that Brian gave her on their wedding day. 

With each new day, Brian always finds a way to make Megan happy.

"We are so lucky that Brian was left here. I thought it to be a tragedy but it's a blessing," Jasmin tells Kevin. They are thrilled their little girl, now a pretty young adult, has found love and now shares it with Brian.

Megan and Brian spend many nights together in love. They love to see the hearts on their bed covers. "How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?" Megan asked Brian. "No Megan, I'm the lucky one," Brian replied as he took Megan in his arms and pulled her close.

The next morning Megan and Brian got up early and straighten up the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone.

Later on that night Brian was trying to fish when his foot slipped,  and without any warning, he looses his balance and falls flat on his butt. The fishing pole goes flying over his head and lands on the ground behind him.

Kevin was there to see the whole thing and tried not to laugh too loud to embarrass Brian. So that same evening Kevin showed Brian some tips on fishing since he wasn't having any luck.

The guys were having a lot of fun in their conversation. So Megan decided to play a little bit of the knock down game they had so much fun in playing most of the time.

Megan threw the stick and it came crashing down on her head. With a loud thump she grabs her head and rubs the place where it hit. Ouch...Maybe I have had enough fun for the night.

One morning Brian wakes like always and notices that Megan is still asleep and decides not to disturb her. Brian thought that Megan may be coming down with a bug since she was tired more than usual.

Shortly after Brian headed out with her dad, Megan woke to a cramp in her stomach. She jumped up as fast as she could and ran to the bathroom.

She barely made it before she threw up in the commode. What's wrong with me, she thought. I must have ate something bad or I'm sick. I'll go ask my mother.

"I'm sure it's ok, are you late?" asks Jasmin. "No not yet, I just felt really sick today," Megan replied. "Well be careful unless you want a baby," Jasmin told Megan.

Megan looked down at her stomach and thought, there is no way that I'm pregnant. I don't feel like it. Megan starts to rub her stomach to see if anything had changed since now there was a possibility.

Megan really enjoys cooking and tests all the new stuff she makes. She can't seem to eat enough food lately. She sat down at the table to enjoy some oyster stew she made and then all the sudden she got hit with nausea.

So she quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom and threw up again.

Megan found herself getting really sick on a regular basis and thought she would ask her mom about how she knew she was pregnant.

"Mom, I was curious about when you were pregnant with me. When did you know for sure?" Megan asked Jasmin. "Well, I was late and then the throwing up and tiredness set in. Then my belly gradually started to grow." Jasmin told her. "Why, do you think your with child"? Jasmin smiled and asked her.

"Well I kinda think so. I can't stop throwing up, I'm tired, and I'm late". Megan tells Jasmin.

Jasmin hugs her daughter. "I'm so happy for you Megan. I always wanted a grandchild, but didn't think it was ever going to happen." Jasmin tells Megan. "Don't tell your father or Brian until we know for sure."

Two months passed since she thought she may be with child and her belly started to grow. It wasn't long before her father and Brian took notice.

"Your going to be a grandfather." Megan told her dad and gave him a big hug. "I can't believe it. I'm going to be a grandfather. Oh I can't wait." Kevin told Megan.

When Brian gets home, Megan tells him that she's pregnant. "Really, are you sure?" Brian asks Megan while rubbing her stomach. "Yes you're going to be a daddy" Megan replied.

After each passing month, Megan's belly continued to grow. 

Jasmin rubs Megan's belly. "It won't be much longer and I'll have a grandchild" Jasmin tells Megan. "You're getting further along and I figure you have a month or so left," Jasmin tells her.

Megan, with little energy, still helped out around the house but could no longer go out with them. She started to get uncomfortable and have a little bit of pain. But thought little of it.

"I don't feel to well, I'm going to lay down for a little while." Megan told her family.  "If you need anything, Megan let me know." Jasmin told Megan.

She headed to her hut and climbed into bed. Maybe if I lay down for a little while it will ease this pain Megan thought.

The following day, Megan's pain eased up a little. It wasn't long before Megan was standing in a pool of water and pain shooting through her belly. Megan's water broke and she was now in labor. 

Jasmin took Megan to her room and planned to help her deliver the baby while the guys stayed outside.

After a whole day of labor and screams, Megan had her baby. "It's a girl!" Jasmin announces to Kevin and Brian who waited patiently outside.

Jasmin holds her new granddaughter. "Oh you're so precious." Jasmin coo's at her.

"So, what shall we name her?" asks Brian, "I was thinking Haley. I think it's perfect, I think shes going to be one special little girl." Brian tells Megan.

One big happy family.


  1. WHAT A GREAT POST :) I can't wait to see Haley grow up!!!

  2. AMAZING! just wondering how did u get the baby's sheet cover to become a leopard print?