Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Castaway: Chapter 9 - Teenage Years

Chapter Nine - Teenage Years

A few years have passed since Allison and Brad left them all on the island.

Jasmin spends her time reading and relaxing after a hard days work.

Jasmin and Kevin have moved on and are back to the way they once were before the betrayal of Kevin.

Megan has grown into a young teenager. Jasmin tries to teach her the ways of life and prepare her for when she becomes a adult.

Brian has also became a young teenager. He has grown into quite a cutie.

Megan and Brian are best friends and spend all their time together.

Megan knows that Brain has a crush on her.

"You are my best friend Brian, I love you so much."

And before Megan knew it, Brian kissed her.

Megan was taken by surprise when Brian kissed her. She realized then that she wanted to be more than his best friend.

Brian asks Megan to be his girlfriend.

They grow closer as time passes and they are the closest a couple could ever be.

One day they were alone as Jasmin and Kevin were away together.

The temptation was there and they did think about it. They both wanted to even though they had never done anything before.

But decided that it would be best to wait until they were older and knew that what they had already was enough.

Brian and Megan will grow into adults.

What will happen next for the new couple?

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