Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Curse - Chapter Five

Kristen is doomed to be Kathrine's prisoner forever.......
or to try and escape.

When Kristen isn't doing something that Kathrine demands, she gets punished by being locked up in her room. The only thing Kristen has to keep her sane is the stuffed dog that she shares her thoughts with. 

Each day Kathrine makes Kristen eat alone and gives her very little to eat. Kathrine speaks only to Kristen when she wants her to do something or to yell at her. 

Every day Kathrine makes Kristen clean everything from the floors to the dishes.

One day, right before Kathrine heads out to gather some things, she calls for Kristen to come to her. 
"I'm going out, I need you to finish what is on your list to do and you are not to leave this house. Remember what I told you."

Kathrine normally would lock Kristen in her room when she would leave. However, she figured since Kristen had been listening to her and had not run off, she would be alright to leave to finish her chores. Kathrine didn't think Kristen would attempt to run away. Kathrine also knows she would never find her way back home being so far away. So she heads out.

As soon as Kristen thinks shes in the clear, she runs as fast as she can in the opposite direction, to try and find anyone that might help her! She didn't realize she was so far away and in the middle of a swamp.

When Kathrine returns she realizes that Kristen has run off. This infuriates her and she decides she's going to teach Kristen a lesson when she finds her.

Upstairs in Kathrine's bedroom, she goes and gets her book of magic. She looks up the spell she will need to cast on Kristen.

Kathrine gathers what is needed for the spell and then mixes it together. 
I will teach her not to make me mad. She will never run off again.

After Kathrine finishes the spell she finds Kristen and brings her back. Kathrine begins to yell at Kristen. 

"I told you if you ran away that you would regret it!" 

Kristen stands in fear of what Kathrine's going to do to her. 

"For disobeying me, I will curse you, but let your parents live for now,"  she informs Kristen.

She opens her bag and throws a powder onto Kristen. 

"Run away again and your parents will die! Now go to your room!" she commands.

They both head downstairs to the basement, where Kathrine locks Kristen in her room. As soon as Kristen reached the bottom of the steps, she already started to feel sick.

Before Kristen knew it, she was passed out on the floor.

Little Kristen laid on the floor for two days unconscious.

When she finally came to, she felt so different. She noticed her eyes were a different color. They looked a bit red to her but figured it was because she had been asleep and sick. 
But there was also something else, she just couldn't figure out what it was.

Upstairs, Kathrine heard Kristen's movement below her.
Kathrine unlocks the door and yells for her to come outside.

"Well I see you're awake now. I told you if you ran away that I would curse you and so I have. You will be sensitive to light and if you stay out in it too long, it will burn your skin. Your eyes will be red as fire and when you turn into adult, you will grow fangs and you will never grow old. You will have to survive on blood. This will make you a monster like me. And everyone will fear you! And every one that you love will die and you will watch them!

Standing alone, Kristen is horrified at what Kathrine has just told her. 
I will never be able to go back now. I'm a monster! 
What have I done? 
Kristen just sobs.

Downstairs she picks up her puppy and cuddles him. 

"I will have you to love. I can never go back to my family and friends. I must stay here and live out the rest of my life."

While cleaning one day, she comes across the book of magic. 

I wonder if I can find a spell to free me of this curse! My mommy did teach me to read some when I was younger. 
Maybe I can find something. 

So Kristen tries to read and find the spell to cure herself. But as she starts to read the book, it makes no sense. 
I will never be able to find the right spell. If she catches me I'll be doomed for sure.

Stricken with sorrow and fear, Kristen realizes that she has no way out. She must do exactly what Kathrine tells her and hope that someday, someone will come and find her.  

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