Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Kingdom Torn Apart - Chapter Three

While everyone slumbered through the night, Kristen disappears out of her room without a trace, despite having guards at her door. 
The king receives the news early that same morning from one of the queen's ladies. 

Who would have done this awful deed and why?

"My Lord, we went into Kristen's room to get her ready for the day and she wasn't there! We can't find her anywhere! We have everyone looking through the kingdom for her!"

"I don't know how to tell you my love. Kristen is missing and no one can find her. We are looking everywhere for her! We will find her... don't worry!"  Edward tells Anne and tries to comfort her.

Everyone searches the kingdom, including Edward. He puts the word out in the other kingdoms and offers a big reward for her safe return.

Edward talks to all his close friends to see if anyone has seen her, only to come up with no answers. It was like she just vanished into thin air.

Everyday Edward pleaded for her safe return.

The tension grew as each day went by without her safe return.
 The queen and king even began to blame each other.

They couldn't even have a decent conversation with each other. 
Anne blamed him for not putting the right guards at her door. 
Edward blamed her for not having the right ladies to attend to and watch her.

Anne began to sleep in her own bed chambers without the king.

Edward did the same.

Edward was empty without his daughter. It was eating him alive inside.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, some could hear him cry.

One day the king blew up again at the queen, she was devastated. 
She'd lost her daughter and now the love of the king. She knew he was hurting, but he continually put the blame on her.

The agony and sadness was to much for the queen and she fell ill. Shortly thereafter, she passed away.

"Did you hear they found the queen dead in the bathroom?" 

Edward was torn apart. He even thought he saw his Anne when he would visit her grave at night.

"I had the world. I had a beautiful wife and daughter. They were the world to me and now I have nothing. What happened?"

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