Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kristen Prepares To Be Queen - Chapter Nine

A couple of years have passed and Kristen has adapted quite well to court life.

Her aunt, Queen Mary, has taught her many things on how to act and how to present herself as a queen. Many in court, including her aunt, are very impressed with the progress Kristen has made.

That evening the queen meets Kristen in her chambers to tell her about the upcoming celebration she has planned for her. 

"Tomorrow will be your birthday, and your coronation, so get plenty of rest." Mary advises her.

That night, Kristen is so excited to embark on becoming queen that she can hardly sleep. She tosses and turns for most of the night.

The next morning Kristen gets ready to celebrate her birthday and to be announced as the new Queen of Winchester. She has studied hard and tried to learn all she could. She gets dressed and ready for the party. Then relaxes by reading a little to calm her nerves.

That morning the queen throws a big birthday party and invites everyone in court to attend. Kristen has requested that William, a nobleman and good friend of hers from court, sit beside her during the party.

Kristen gives her aunt Mary a big hug and thanks her for taking her in and being so kind to her. 

"This celebration has made me so happy Aunt Mary!"

"The best is yet to come my neice. You still have your coronation to become the next queen. Enjoy yourself and have fun." Mary says as she hugs Kristen back.

Kristen asks William to dance with her at the festival. For the past few years Kristen has had a secret crush on William and wants him to be hers when she comes of age.

Following the party, everyone attended the coronation of Kristen being crowned the new Queen of Winchester.

Kristen sits on the throne as queen. This was a dream come true for her. She has now fulfilled her birth right by becoming the queen and everyone bows to her. She also realizes that everyone will have to respect her or she can do to them as she pleases. No longer will she be controlled or told what to do by anyone.
That made Kristen very happy.

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