Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kristen Returns To Court - Chapter Eight

After setting fire to Kathrine's house, her long time prison, Kristen heads off to find someone who can help her find her way home.

After many hours of walking in the forest, Kristen can see some lights in the distance. Kristen arrives in a small village where most of the people are still sleeping.

Kristen sees a local merchant and runs up to her for help. It takes her off guard. Kristen's appearance scares her. 
The merchant jumps back and pleads with Kristen not to harm her.

"Sorry about my appearance, but I mean you no harm! I'm the lost daughter of king Edward and Queen Mary. I am Kristen!"

"Oh my! You do look like your mother. Where have you been all these years?!" the merchant asks.

"There was this women named Kathrine who took me into the far depths of the swamp and kept me prisoner all this time!" Kristen replied, knowing that the merchant woman would believe her now.

"The queen will be so shocked to see you! We all feared that you were dead. I will show you how to get to the castle."

"Queen?! Excuse me, but I was told she had died?" Kristen asked, a new hope building inside her.  Maybe Kathrine had lied to her about her parents being dead?!
The merchant woman sighed and looked sadly over to Kristen.  
"I will explain as we go, but the queen I speak of is not your mother, but King Edward's sister."  

Kristen followed the kind lady and listened with great sorrow.

When King Edward and Queen Anne passed away, Mary, the kings sister, took over as queen to run Winchester.

Kristen arrives at court and meets her aunt Mary.

"I can't believe my eyes. You look like your mother but what is wrong with you child?" Mary asks with concern.

"My young niece, where have you been all these years?! We thought you were dead and the king and queen lost hope that you would ever return."

"There was a terrible women that took me from here. She kept me prisoner in the swamp far away from here. She claimed that she was my fathers first love, and that he threw her away and banished her from everyone. So in order to take revenge on him, I was taken away from here and my parents. Then, she put this evil curse on me!"

"Oh my child. Come with me please. I have to show you something." 
Mary takes Kristen to the royal graveyard, to see her parent's graves.

"This is your father's grave and across from his lies your mothers. She died of sadness and guilt a year and a half after you were taken. And your father died not too long ago, due to bad health."

Kristen sobs with sorrow but with happiness in the thought that it was not Kathrine's evil that killed her parents.

"Come child, let us introduce you back to the world and the court. Everyone will be so happy that the kingdom gets their princess back."

"These rooms belonged to your mother. After she died they were closed and no one was allowed to enter except the queen's ladies to keep it clean."

"Now lets get you dressed like royalty. Its time for you to start living like a future queen."

Queen Mary presents to the court, Princess Kristen. Many were shocked with her reappearance but they knew not to look at her strangely or to say anything. They all knew about the curse and were afraid of what she could do if anyone was to make her mad.

"I will prepare you to be the Queen of Winchester. This may take some time, but under my wing, I shall make you the best queen this court has ever had." Mary said with confidence.

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