Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kristen Takes Prisoners - Chapter Thirteen

"Today will be most fun my love" William told the queen in kind words. 
"Oh how lucky I am to have you" the queen responded and smiled at him.  "Let us go and join everyone!"

Kristen met up with William in the field shortly after they left her chambers. The stablemen were preparing the horses for the jousting match.

The competition began and it was a success. Everyone was having fun and rejoiced the winners of the bout.

After the competition, Kristen and William talked to the champion. 

"You are very impressive! I do enjoy your victories! I hope to see more." the queen boasted to the man.

After everyone was gone, the queen took her usual walk in the garden. She began to get thirsty and wanted some fresh blood.

But Kristen didn't like to bite her loves or her friends. She continued to fear that she would drain them dry and kill them. 

Kristen was also still upset with the earlier events of the girl that had refused her. This started to really anger her.

"I want you to go and find this girl Lisa that was at the previous jousting event that offended me," Kristen fumed at her henchman.  

"I will find her and bring her back to the dungeon for your majesty," he replied.

Lisa was found and placed in the dungeon cell to await the orders of the queen that would decide her fate.

"The queen has demanded that you be held here for punishment for treason against her majesty," the henchman told her. 

"I did not commit treason! I just refused to let her bit me!" Lisa pleaded. 

"That is considered treason in this kingdom," he explained, "and you also offended the queen with words." 

Lisa was then placed in the cell where she spent the rest of the night crying.

"What's going to happen to me?" she thought. 
She dreaded seeing the queen again and what she might due to her.

"You must remain here till the queen arrives, she will tell you what she has planned for you" he told her.

The queen emerged from the steps of the dungeon. She entered the room and headed over to Lisa and the henchman. 

"I told you not to refuse me and that you would pay," the queen hissed at her.

Kristen then grabbed Lisa's arm and bit her hard and drained quite a bit of blood from her. Lisa screamed with pain as Kristen tore through her skin with her teeth.

Lisa was then placed back into her cell. Where she was so weak from all the blood that Kristen had forcefully taken, she quickly drifted into a deep sleep.

After a week, Kristen's anger subsided and she felt sorry for Lisa.

"Take her to my personal lady and she will tell her what she has to do to keep her freedom" the queen told the henchman.  

"I will do as you command Milady" he replied and bowed.

Lisa was taken to Kristen's lady, where she was told that she was to be a new servant of the queens. She had to work in the castle and do whatever the queen would ask of her. 

"You must never run or leave" the lady told her. 
This was to be her punishment.

Lisa was mad and upset. 
"I will not live here and serve that witch!" Lisa thought.

So when she thought that no one would miss her, she ran for it. She took off and ran as fast as she could to get away from this kingdom.
Unfortunately, she would not get very far before the henchman would catch up with her.
"The queen gave you a second chance at life and, once again, you refused her wishes. She has given me orders to put you to death" the henchman told Lisa. 

"This will be fast and quick, you will feel no pain as long as you do what I say," he explained. "I need you to lean over and lay your head in the grove of the stone."
Lisa leaned over and slowly placed her head in the grove and grabbed the sides of the stone tight. She braced herself for the blow of the sword.

He struck fast and strong. Her head came off upon the first strike. He picked it up and placed it on the stone for the queens viewing and for all to see. 

This would be an example to the whole kingdom and world that no one would cross the queen and live to tell about it.

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