Friday, February 18, 2011

Kristen Tries To Have A Normal Life - Chapter Twelve

Kristen enjoys her new life as queen. 
She's happy with her love, William, by her side and the devotion of her people. Life seems almost normal.

One cloudy day in the shade, Kristen and William enjoyed watching the jousting competitions.

Everyone seemed to be having fun, and the sun didn't seem to bother Kristen too much since she was in her royal stand. But it made her a little hot and thirsty.

It wasn't nothing for Kristen to go to anyone to get a drink. Everyone was use to it. She didn't hurt and never drank too much. So Kristen heads over to a girl named Lisa. 

"I'm feeling a little parched. I need you to let me bite you and get some blood."

This caught Lisa off guard since she really didn't know much about Kristen's curse. Lisa jumped back and yelled at Kristen.

Lisa gave the queen an evil look. 

"I'm not going to let you bite me!" she exclaimed.

"Who do you think you are in my kingdom? I never hurt anyone but when I want something, I will get it. How dare you refuse me!"

This infuriated the queen. She started to hiss and bare her fangs at Lisa, and was ready to attack her. William ran over to calm the queen down. He persuaded Kristen to come inside the castle with him.
"Please be the kind and loving queen that I love. I know she meant no harm. Not everyone knows about you like we do," he explained to her.

Kristen smiled at him. 
"See this is why I love you William. You know and accept me for who I am. You are always in my heart."

William lifts Kristen into his arms, and they head to the bed for some cuddling and fun. 

As William drifted off to sleep, Kristen continued to lay there hungry. She couldn't sleep and had to get up.

A weak and hungry Kristen heads down the castle corridor to find someone that she can drink from.

It just so happened that Paul was down in the kitchen getting a late night snack.

"Paul please come outside with me, I need you!"

After they got outside, Kristen gently sank her teeth into Paul's arm and took only what was needed to take the pain away. 
Paul didn't seem to mind. He was still quite taken with Kristen. He knew this would please her.

After Kristen was finished, she gave Paul a kiss goodnight and headed to bed before William woke up.

She gently climbed into bed and William was exactly how she left him. He never even knew she was gone.

While Kristen was still asleep, her lady tracks down the girl Lisa, that offended the queen yesterday at the jousting event. 

"Oh my you have got yourself into a lot of trouble. The queen was about ready to kill you, until William calmed her down."

"What do you mean? I have done nothing wrong. Oh wait! You mean by me not letting that queen of yours bite me. I take offense to that myself. I will never let her do that, shes a monster."

"You don't know what you are saying. But I have warned you. She has this curse and has to survive on human blood and you refused her. No one has ever done that before. She's always gotten her way. We all do what she asks and in return she treats us good. She has quite the temper."
Kristen finds Paul, her love interest, and gives him a big kiss. 

"Oh how I enjoy seeing you again."

"I don't understand Kristen. Will I ever be able to be by your side like William?" he asks her.

"You know how I feel about you, but William is my main love. I will put no one before him. If you don't want to be with me I'll just find someone else to entertain me." 

"I do love you Kristen. I just want to be with you like William gets to be," he explains. 

"Just enjoy the moments we have together Paul."

After they spent a lot of time together in her other chamber, Kristen and Paul fell asleep and lost track of time.

William knew Kristen was with Paul and this saddened him. He loved and feared her at the same time. 
He would do nothing to anger the queen. William didn't want to loose the queen's love for him.  

"William I can sense something is wrong. I can read your mind. You are my only true love. I will always be with you. Paul is just entertainment and a snack from time to time."

She puts him in a trans to ease his mind and to make him not feel the jealousy. Then Kristen embraces William and kisses him. 
She felt his worries melt away.  

This was very enticing for Kristen to hear.
William pledged his undying love to her.
She gently bit his neck and drank a small amount of his blood. She knew she would never find anyone else that she prefered more.

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