Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kristen Is Queen - Chapter Ten

With her birthday and the coronation done, Kristen can now officially show her Aunt Mary that she can rule the kingdom on her own. She's Queen but still under her aunt's training for now. When Mary feels that Kristen is completely ready to rule on her own, she will return home and hand over the court to Kristen.

On days that she's not at court entertaining or dealing with legal matters, Kristen enjoys taking walks around the court.

At night she loves to spend time alone in her personal garden, when everyone else heads to bed. 
Kristen is drawn to the night.

William has spotted Kristen in her garden tub and admires her from a distance. He's fascinated with Kristen's curse and thinks it makes her beautiful. 
He also thinks that she would never be with someone like him. 
He has no idea that Kristen is interested in him.

So William starts to court her cousin. Kristen's unaware that William and her cousin are together for they kept it a secret so it won't draw any attention to them.

After all, William has just started to court her, and they have only seen each other a few times. Mainly when she would go into the farm William would be able see her there.

Pondering everything that Kathrine told her when she was just a child about her curse, Kristen realizes that it's only a matter of time now that she is a young adult, before it will take full effect.

Looking for any excuse to be around William, she has him teaching her how to ride a horse and doing small errands for her.

"I think you are doing a wonderful job as the queen. The people seem to love you. It won't be to long before I will leave you to rule alone." Mary tells her one day as they tour the gardens together.

Each day brings Kristen and William closer to each other. They have already become best friends.

During the night Kristen finds herself walking along the castle's high walls and gates. She finds peace in the night away from all the people.

Until Aunt Mary leaves, Kristen remains in her chambers, but will move into the royal chambers once her aunt has departed.

William is starting to notice that Kristen is flirting with him. This union would make him very happy, but he knows that it would break her cousin's heart. 
He doesn't have the courage to break it off.

"William come to my party with me tonight! We will dance the night away!

Kristen loves to throw parties, dance, and have fun. She really enjoys dancing with William. Some of the court people have started to notice how Kristen favors him and that there is a strong possibility that she may be falling with him.

The next day the court prepares to say goodbye to her Aunt Mary. She's trained Kristen to be a good queen and taught her all that she can about ruling the kingdom on her own.
Now that Kristen has finally showed her that she can perform her duties as queen, Mary is ready to leave the court to her.

"Time to say goodbye Kristen, I now hand over the Kingdom of Winchester to you. I will now go back to my court and rule. I know you will be a good queen and will make me proud." Mary tells her before one last hug goodbye. 

Finally, Queen Kristen is ready to rule the Kingdom of Winchester. Kristen can do what she wants to do.

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