Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kristen's Curse and Love - Chapter Eleven

Kristen has complete rule of the kingdom now that her Aunt Mary has left in order to return to her own land and home.

Kristen's ready to enjoy the day. She just finished her breakfast and now heads out to the garden, where she likes to be alone and thoughtful. After her walk, she has all her things moved into the royal chambers.

Now that she is queen, Kristen will sleep and live where her father had stayed. 

With a new outlook on life, Kristen enjoys her morning walks in her garden. After making a wish at the wishing well, she decides she is hungry and goes to get something to eat.

While in the kitchen, she thought the smell of what the cook had prepared was making her sick. She was sure it was just something that, for whatever reason, didn't agree with her.

But later on she began to feel really sick to her stomach. So she thought it might be better if she skipped the meal and headed to the throne room instead.

As she entered the room, Kristen noticed this red smoke coming from her own body. This scared her and she didn't want anyone else to see what was happening to her, so she turned quickly and ran out of the room into a corridor where she found herself all alone.

She then managed to run outside without anyone noticing, but right after she stepped outdoors, Kristen was surrounded by flying bats and red smoke that covered her whole body.

She knew that the curse had taken its full effect but wasn't sure what she looked like or what it would do to her. As she stood outside in the sun, her skin started to sting and smoke a bit. This wasn't a good sign, so Kristen started to head back inside.

On her way back into the castle, she ran into one of her ladies and Paul. They could tell something was wrong with Kristen and knew they needed to get her inside the castle right away and straight to bed.

They took her straight to her chambers and got her into bed. She slept right through the entire day.

That night, Kristen awakens to find that shes feeling much better and heads out to get a bath.

She runs into Paul. Kristen talks Paul into letting her bite him. She promises not to harm him. So Paul agrees. Kristen gets a taste of blood for the first time, and it almost overwhelms her. 
The blood gives her so much energy and strength.

The next moment Kristen finds herself grabbing Paul and kisses him.

Later on that day, Paul asked Kristen if she wanted to be serious with him. 

"I do not know at this moment. However, I do like you Paul, so for now you will be my love interest. Nothing more.... nothing less. Let us keep it a secret for now."

Kristen loved the way this curse was making her feel. She began to feel like she was invincible and no one could touch her.

Luckily, in most peoples eyes the curse did not turn Kristen into a monster, but made her still more beautiful than the other women in court. She had this soft glow to her skin and the red eyes, while bright, still had beauty, and most found the fangs quite intriguing.

Late one night, Kristen is playing around in the castle and sneaks down the hall to see who she might scare or what she might find.

When she turned the corner she ran straight into William. 

"Oh I didn't mean to frighten you Kristen!"

Kristen lets out a laugh. 

"Oh William you did not scare me. I was on my way to bed. Lets talk a bit before I go."

William escorts her towards her chambers, but leaves her at the door after wishing her pleasant dreams.

One day in the farming area of the castle, William was meeting with her cousin like they did most other times. Kristen just happened to approach them as they embraced each other.

Kristen was enraged! She couldn't believe her cousin was in William's arms where she should be.

Later, Kristen finds her cousin alone and begins to yell at her. Her fangs showed as she yelled which greatly scared her cousin. 

"He is mine! He has always been mine! You can not have him! I hope you are not in love with him because he's going to be with me no matter what!"

She demands that her cousin break it off immediately with him. 

"You will not tell him why, but you will leave him alone. If I even see you look at him again, I will drain you myself, cousin or not! Do you understand me cousin?!"

Her cousin whimpered and nodded before running away.

She gave it a few days and then headed into her garden like she did most every night. She knew exactly where to find William and found him standing alone there. He looked a bit sad and Kristen took him in her arms. 
"Don't be sad William, I'm here for you."

After William started to relax, Kristen revealed to him that she was in love with him and had been for many years now. 

"I want to be with you William."

This made him very happy. He pulled her into his arms and they embraced in a kiss.

Some time passed and Kristen went to visit William. She stumbled upon him in his underwear preparing for bed. 

"Oh Kristen you scared me. I didn't even hear you enter the room."

"William will you come join me in my chambers tonight I feel a bit lonely?" she asked him.

William followed Kristen to her room and crawled onto the bed with her. He cuddled her up into his arms and kissed her. They sat there for a long time, talking about the day while cuddling.

Then Kristen pulled William to her and they began to kiss and make out. She can no longer fight her urge to be with him.

He spent the night with her in her chambers.

The next morning Kristen jumps out of her bath, as the sun begins to rise. She had to get out of there before it started to burn her.

She finds Paul waiting on her when she comes into her room. He continues to wait on her: for her appetite and for her affection. 

"Make sure Paul that you keep it our secret or it will all come to a end," she warns him.

This curse may not actually be a curse after all. I have the beauty and the power. 

I have William, and Paul, to do with whatever I please.

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