Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kristen's Nightmare - Chapter Four

Kristen awakens into a nightmare. She finds herself dirty, cold and alone in a strange place. She has no idea how she got there and who has taken her. 
Kristen becomes very frightened when she can't find any of her guards, ladies or parents. 
There was no one there to protect her.

All alone, Kristen looks around to try to figure out where she is. Kristen wonders if she's dreaming or if she truly is awake and in a real life nightmare. 

As Kristen starts to panic, this strange lady comes into the room. The very sight of her scares Kristen.

Kristen doesn't know it, but this lady was once a beautiful, full of life, young girl with big dreams. But now she's turned into a monster and looks nothing like she once did. She is now full of anger, hatred and set on getting revenge.

A scared Kristen runs outside to find that nothing looks familiar and the lady followed right behind her.

Frozen with fear, Kristen stops running and faces the scary woman.

"You are here because of your father. Your father did this to me and now he will have to pay for what he has done! He will feel what I have felt for so many years," the woman says to Kristen.

Kristen shakes her head and doesn't understand what the lady is talking about. All Kristen cares about is seeing her mommy and daddy again and says so to the mysterious woman. 

"You will never see your parents again. You are now mine to do with as I please. Your father tossed me away like I was nothing! He banished me here and denied me love and children! So now I have the one thing he wants in life, and that is you."

And with a cold stare she tells Kristen, "If you run away I will find you and you will regret it. You will never find your way home, I will find you before you make it there."

Kathrine studied black magic, she learned it from a book she came across many years ago. One day when she was making a potion, it blew up on her and transformed her. Her skin turned green, her hair black, and she no longer looked like the pretty young girl she once had been. It devastated her,but she was determined to get back at Edward in the most painful way she could.

"I can turn you into a creature so awful that your parents would never recognize you. So by all means, try and run away. Let's see how far you can make it. I will kill your parents and you will have a terrible curse set upon you for the rest of your life!"

Kathrine walks away leaving Kristen shocked and stunned. 
All Kristen could do was sob.

She was locked in a room that had an iron bed, wood table, one candle for some light and a dirty stuffed dog.

Kristen sobbed for hours. She had no idea what Kathrine was going to do to her. 

Every day Kathrine made Kristen do a lot of chores. She did everything that involved work. 

As Kristen cleans, Kathrine prepares dinner for the two of them. 
It was nothing like what Kristen was use to eating, but she was so hungry she would have eaten anything.

Hungry and scared, she swallowed her food whole so she could go to bed fast and get away from Kathrine. 
Kristen was so scared of Kathrine that just the sight of her made her almost cry.

Before she was allowed to go to sleep, Kristen had to clean up the dishes and the kitchen before she could go to bed. 

Finally alone, locked in her room, Kristen cried for her mommy and daddy to come and save her. 

Half way through the night, Kristen finally fell asleep from exhaustion.

Startled out of her sleep, Kristen is awaken by Kathrine when she unlocks the door and hollers for her to come to the kitchen.

As she gets out of bed, Kristen makes her bed in hopes that Kathrine would find no reason to yell at her.

Little Kristen wipes a tear from her eye as she heads to the kitchen. 

I miss my parents so bad. What did I do to deserve this?  
If I leave she will kill my parents. Do they even know if I'm still alive or where I am? 
I hope they come and find me.

I have the last laugh now Edward! You will endure life alone and in pain as I have done for years! 
I will make Kristen my slave and you will never see her again!


  1. poor kid. i hope someone somehow realizes she doesnt belong there someday. its sad that the queen died too. :(

  2. I no longer feel sorry for Katherine. Taking her revenge by using a child! That is so ruthless!