Monday, February 28, 2011

Kristen's Proposal - Chapter Fifteen

The Kingdom of Winchester's court grows more and more each day, with new ladies and gentlemen coming to court.

Kristen's temper had settled down for such a long period of time that many of the people started to not fear her like they once did.

They all enjoy dancing and celebrating with balls and celebrations. Everyone, including Kristen, seemed happy.

A good friend of Kristen's pays her a visit. 
"It's been a while since the last time I got to see you" Lara tells Kristen. 
"I too have missed talking to you. I hope you decide to stay here at court for a while. I would love to catch up," Kristen tells Lara.

"I think that would be great! I think I will stay for a bit," Lara tells her.

Margret was unaware that Robert was the henchman of Kristen's. This took her off guard. Most people didn't know the identity of the henchman because of the hood that he wore. 
"Oh, I didn't know," Margret told him. 
"I hope this doesn't effect our relationship, I would still love to see you," Robert told Margret.

Robert changed into his regular clothes and met Margret in the kitchen. He gave her a big hug. 
"I have never been this happy before. I thought no one would accept me for who I was," Robert told Margret.

"Its a job that not many would like, but it changes nothing between us. You have a big heart," Margret replied.

Margret ran into Kristen and Lara chatting in the corridor. 
"Hello Margret. How are you and that handsome young fellow of yours,"? Kristen asked Margret. 
"Oh we are getting along fine. I really do like him!" Margret replied. 
"I think you two were meant together. You have my blessings," Kristen told Margret. 

Robert and Margret want to take their relationship to the next level.

Everyone took off running when the kitchen caught fire. 
"We need to put this out before the whole castle burns!" Screamed one of queen's ladies. 
After hard efforts they finally managed to get the fire out.

Paul ran into a past crush of his when he was a teen. 
"Oh I have not seen you in years." Paul said to Nancy. 
Nancy started joking with Paul, and started to flirt with him.

Margret headed to the kitchen to get something to eat and noticed Paul and a lady named Nancy, being really friendly with each other. They were so wrapped up with each other that they didn't even notice Margret in the room.

"Please don't be mad at me Kristen, its going around the court that Paul, and this lady named Nancy, could be in a relationship." Lara told Kristen.

"How do I put this?! I was in the kitchen this morning and ran into Paul." Margret began to tell Kristen. 
"And?" Kristen asked. 
"Well he was with a lady and they appeared more than friends. It seemed careless," Margret told her.

"You don't think I know what goes on in my court?! Well let me tell you, I have a few rules everyone knows. One of those rules is that no one is allowed to mess with my things, and no one is to cross me!" Kristen screams at Nancy.

"You treat him like a piece of meat. He's not even allowed love while you rule here!" Nancy huffed at Kristen. 
"I will deal with you later, Nancy!" Kristen yells.  

Then Kristen turns to face Paul. She balls her fists up in such anger that shes about ready to explode, but chokes a lot of it down to keep control. 
"So, this is what I get from you, I give you favor and anything you desire, and you go a flirt with her! You thought I wouldn't find out about this?!" Kristen screams at Paul. 

"Please calm down Kristen, I didn't realize you would be this upset. We haven't been together for a while. You and William have been spending so much time together that I figured you didn't care for me anymore." Paul pleads.

"Well you figured wrong. I trusted you and defended you when the others would mess with you. Now I think you are the one that started all this. So you don't love me anymore!" Kristen shouts at Paul.

"Well that's just fine, Paul! You leave my sight before I do something I will regret later! I will deal with you after I calm down. You better not leave if you know what's good for you!" Kristen yells.

To leave all the drama, and too cool down, Kristen goes to her chambers and her ladies help her undress.

A hot bath will help me relax. I will talk to William about this matter. Maybe he can help me decide what to do.

After her bath she asks William to come to her chambers. 
"I can't believe Paul would do that to me," Kristen tells William. "Well I don't like having to share you with him. I want you all to myself." William tells Kristen.

William tries to cuddle with Kristen, when she pulls away. 
"What's wrong Kristen?" William asks her. 
"I don't see why you are not on my side. You are my first and true love, William. I just thought you would agree with me." Kristen huffs.

"Why would I want to share with him? I can't stand the thought of him with you in that way. What if you was to get pregnant with his child? That would crush me, don't you realize that!?" William tells her.

"William, I can't have kids. I don't want to risk the chance of them being cursed with this awful thing. I don't think I can even have children," Kristen explains to him.

William scoops Kristen up and hugs her. 
"Oh William, I'm sorry for ever doing this to you. I will have only you as my love and will let Paul be free to love whomever he chooses," Kristen tells him. 

"So you will not punish him?" William asks Kristen. 
"No, I will let him be. I think I have scared him and Nancy bad enough. I will tell them later what I decided," Kristen tells him.

William throws Kristen on the bed and embraces her. 
"Let this be a new start for us," William whispers to Kristen.

William suddenly drops down to one knee. 
"William are you ok?" Kristen asks William in alarm.
"Oh, I'm fine," William tells her.

Then he pulled out a very pretty ring. 
"Kristen, will you marry me?" William asks Kristen. 
"Oh, William! Yes I will marry you!" Kristen squeals.

Kristen wraps her arms around William and kisses him. 
"This will be a new beginning. I can't wait to plan our wedding!" Kristen exclaims.

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