Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kristen's Revenge - Chapter Seven

Kristen, now a teenager, has endured Kathrine's torture for many years.

Many years have passed and Kristen has grown into a teenager. 

Even though she has been with Kathrine since a young child, Kathrine is still so cruel to her. She yells at her all the time.

Kathrine was in a bad mood that morning. She unlocked Kristen's bedroom door and began to yell at her as soon as she entered the room. Most mornings she would just open the door and Kristen would start cooking and cleaning like she did everyday. 

Kristen darted upstairs to start breakfast, and try to make Kathrine happy. Kristen grew to become quite a cook after many years of practice.  

She prepares breakfast and puts on a stew for lunch. 

As each day passed, Kathrine became more and more hateful to Kristen. She always found reasons to yell at her, no matter how hard Kristen tried to make Kathrine happy. 

So after breakfast, Kathrine yells at Kristen because she forgot to prepare her bath.

Kristen runs upstairs and fills Kathrine's bath as fast as she can.

While Kathrine takes her bath, Kristen starts to clean up around the house.

After Kathrine worked Kristen all day, Kristen heads off to bed, hoping to get some sleep before Kathrine wants something else.

The following day Kristen gets breakfast done and eats a quick bite before Kathrine comes downstairs.

Later, while Kristen is down in her room straightening up, Kathrine comes down to have a word with her. She knew something wasn't right by the happy look on Kathrine's face. 

"I have some great news for you Kristen."

"You are now my slave forever. Your mother and father are now dead. Do you really think the towns people will ever except you back into their world? You are a monster! Your eyes will give you away, and before long your teeth will begin to change. Now that the king and queen are no longer alive they will never except you as queen!"

"You promised you wouldn't kill them if I didn't run away! I did everything you asked me to do! Why did you kill them?" Kristen pleaded, panic filling her and distraught from the news of her parents death.

A stunned Kristen stood there while Kathrine walked away laughing.

Kristen ran outside and cried, "Why me? Why do I have to endure this? I will never see them again!"

As Kristen wiped the tears from her eyes, she swore she would get Kathrine back if it was the last thing she did! She no longer had the threat of her parents lives to hold her back.

Something in Kristen finally snapped. She had nothing to loose. She was set on revenge and was going to make sure she found a way to kill Kathrine.

"I'm going out and you better not go anywhere. I will kill you if you run!" Kathrine threatened.

After Kathrine left, Kristen headed upstairs to where Kathrine keeps her book of magic. Over the years Kristen learned how to read some of it. She looked through it for anything to rid her of Kathrine forever.

A few days later, during the morning hours after Kathrine unlocked Kristen from her room, they headed into the kitchen like they did every other day. When Kathrine's back was turned, Kristen threw the potion onto her.

Kristen covered Kathrine with so much of the potion that it started to take effect immediately.

Kathrine grabbed her chest and gasped for air. The potion started to take effect and Kathrine couldn't move. Kristen watches and smiles, feeling a rush of happiness for the first time since she was taken by Kathrine! 
Kristen begins to laugh as Kathrine slowly losses her breath.

Kathrine hits the floor with a loud thump. She lays there motionless and slowly dying. Shortly thereafter, Kathrine stops breathing altogether and dies.

Finally free from Kathrine, Kristen begins to clean up and prepare to leave.

Kristen thinks about how the towns people will react to her. 

Would she be accepted back into the kingdom?

What will I do with this nightmare of a house and Kathrine. 
I need to think of a way to get rid of it.

First she decides to set fire to Kathrine's bedroom which leads to an explosion!  The blast destroys the whole top of the house.

Next, the floor catches fire and begins to burn.

Kristen runs out of the house before it is engulfed into flames. 
My terrible nightmare is over. I am free.

Kristen heads out to find anyone who is willing to help her get back to the Kingdom of Winchester.

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