Monday, February 21, 2011

Kristen's Temper Tantrum - Chapter Fourteen

Paul was heading back to the stables to put up the horses when the queen's cousin, Margret, approached him.

Margret began to flirt, and even tried to kiss Paul, when the queen walked up. Kristen was very mad when she realized what Margret was trying to do. 
"I did not do it my queen!" Paul pleaded.

Paul backed away and dropped his head. 

"You infuriate me to no end! I can't believe you try to take everything that belongs to me! Paul is not available to you either. Do you not pay any attention girl!" the queen screamed at her.

Margret stormed off and headed toward the castle. 

"She thinks she owns the world! I wonder what my mother, Queen Mary, would think of her now?"

As she entered into the corridor, she ran right into William. 

"Whats wrong Margret?" William asked her. 

"Oh, just your stupid queen again. She thinks she owns everyone in this kingdom, especially all the men in it!" Margret huffed.

Meanwhile, Kristen headed down to the castle's dungeon and ordered the henchman to place her cousin Margret in the dungeon cell. 

"She's to remain there until I order otherwise," she told him. 
 "As you wish your majesty," he replied.

The queen then headed to her chambers and decided to take a nap before night fall.

While the queen slept, everyone else continued on with their duties.

William heard that Margret had been arrested and placed in the dungeon, so he headed down to see her, and make sure that she was alright.

Margret came to the cell door. 

"I'm ok, but this is so ridiculous! What is she going to do with me now?! Eat me or behead me like that other girl." She sobbed at William.

When the queen woke from her nap, William headed to meet with her and beg her to forgive her cousin and set her free. 

"I think she has learned her lesson, my love. If Queen Mary was to hear of this, she might retaliate against you. Please, just set her free!" William pleaded with Kristen.

"I'm not going to hurt her, William. I only did it to remind her that this is my kingdom and if she wants to remain here, and alive, she best mind me." Kristen explained to William. "I will make arrangements for her release this evening." 
Kristen smiled and then kissed him.

Kristen headed to the dungeon to speak with the henchmen. 
"Release her and bring her to me in my garden." the queen commanded. 
"With haste, your majesty" he replied.

Margret met with with the queen in her garden like she was told. 

"I see that you are well, my cousin. I see that we now understand each other. I offer a gift to you. I have someone I would like you to meet," the queen explained to Margret.

"Let me introduce to you a good friend of mine, Robert. Let us all be good friends and be merry." Kristen told them before she left back into the castle out of the sun.

Margret and Robert hit it off pretty good. They seemed to get along really well. Margret was now seeing the queen in a different light. Maybe she's not so bad after all.

"Can I see you again, Margret?" Robert asked her. 

"I would really like that." she replied. 
This made her really happy and made staying in the dungeon for a week seem not so bad in hindsight.

Kristen headed to her chambers to get something when one of the ladies caught Kristen off guard. This scared Kristen and reacting out of instinct, she attacked her.

Without realizing what she's doing, Kristen grabs the lady's arm and rips into her skin.

The lady began to stagger around the room and then fell to the floor. 

Kristen wasn't aware that she tore into the vein too deep and that she drank too much. The lady fell to the floor and a pool of blood rushed out of her wound.

Realizing that the girl was dead, she called for her henchmen to fetch the body from her room and take it to the dungeon.

He placed her on the ground and the straw gathered her blood. He waited for the queen to arrive and tell him what to do with her.

"What shall I do with her your majesty?"  the henchman asks. 

"When it becomes dark outside, I will signal you to bring her out in the open. Bury her in a grave that is already marked. Dig just far enough down to place her on the other coffin, then cover it up again. No one is to know about this or it will be your head!" the queen demanded.


  1. I loved this! You are so creative and I love the way you make everything look :)

  2. Thank You. I try to be diffrent with my storys.