Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Six Wives of Henry VII

Henry VIII was married to six distinctly different women. Below is an introduction to these remarkable and often misunderstood queens. For more rich, in-depth details into their lives, please read my "Tudors" series.

First Wife

Kathrine of Aragon, stubborn and devoutly Catholic.
Marriage Annulled
Died from a illness.

Second Wife
Anne Boleyn, proud and feircely ambitious.
Was beheaded.

Third Wife 
Jane Seymour, deceptively strong-willed.
Died from childbirth.

Fourth Wife
Anne of Cleves, unappealing and uncomplaining.
Marriage annulled.

Wife Five 
Katherine Howard, young and foolish.
Was beheaded.

Wife Six
Katherine Parr, brave, practical, and intelligent.
His last wife and she became a widow.

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