Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kathrine's Captured - Chapter Twenty Four

The royal doctor comes to Kristen to tell her news of her best friend Lara. 

"She is fully recovered now, but a little weak. She should to be fine in another week or so." she tells Kristen. 
"Thank you doctor!" Kristen replies.

Lara manages to get out of bed after weeks of recovery. The doctor releases her to return to court but tells her to take it easy.

Lara meets Kristen in the throne room. 

"I'm so glad that you are much better. I was so worried that you wouldn't make it. I'm sorry my son did this to you." Kristen tells Lara. 
"I'm glad to be back. I heard the bad news about James. Is there any new word of him?" Lara asks hesitantly.
"I haven't heard anything yet, but I have someone reliable looking for him as we speak." Kristen replies.

Kathrine has locked James in the house and goes out for some supplies. She's unaware that she's being watched and followed.

William has gathered his closest friends and knights to prepare for battle to get his son back and to catch the person responsible for it.

The queen's new executioner comes back and reports that he has spotted the lady that fits the description given by the queen. 

"She walks along this path to go to the market for supplies." he informs them.
"We will meet her there and soon I will be back with my son." William declared. 

The group gathers their swords and shields to prepare for the fight.

"Remember we can't kill her. We must take her alive to find James."

"She heads to the village for supplies every few days. If we planned this right, she will be heading out today. We will prepare to intercept her."

As they hid in the shadows and waited, Kathrine headed down the path like she always did. William and the rest jumped out to take her by surprise.

William prepared himself to confront her. He wasn't sure if she would attack him with some sort of spell or if she would try to attack with a weapon instead.

Kathrine turned around to confront William. She pretended to be shocked and act as if she didn't understand why she was being attacked. 

"Sir what have I done!? I'm just an old lady heading to the village to get some supplies." Kathrine says to William. 
"I know exactly who you are, don't play dumb with me! I know you are the witch that kidnapped Kristen when she was young and put that curse on her. I know you have my son!" William yells at her.

"How dare you accuse me of these crimes! I have done no such thing!" Kathrine exclaims. 
"Well we will see about that. Kristen will decide your fate." William tells her.

"I'm not going anywhere with you! You are not arresting me!" Kathrine yelled back at him as she pointed her finger at herself. William became mad and raised his sword at her. 

"You are going with me even if we have to drag you. I know you have my son and you are going to tell me where he is!" William demanded of her.

Seeing that she was outnumbered and had no choice, she went back with the group and was locked in the dungeon. Several guards were placed outside her cell to make sure she didn't escape. The executioner even stood on the other side of the cell as well to watch over her. 
William then went to find Kristen and tell her that they had Kathrine down in the dungeon.

Kristen headed down to the dungeon, almost running to see her captor, to begin questioning her about the whereabouts of her son. 

"So you become queen after all. I knew you could never do anything right. You couldn't even kill me." Kathrine says as she looks over to see Kristen walking towards her. 
"Where is my son?" Kristen asks her, trying to remain calm.
"I will never tell you. He will die before you find him." Kathrine replies and begins to laugh.

"I bet you will talk after my executioner gets done with you. You will be put through the most painful torture that you could ever imagine." Kathrine warns her, as she continues to approach even closer.

"Release her, so I can stand face to face with her."
They stood guard in case Kristen needed them, and hesitantly released Kathrine. 

"So you think you are a big girl now, Kristen. What are you going to do?" Kathrine says, as she tries to intimidate her.

"I'm not scared of you anymore witch. I will kill you with my bare hands! You are going to tell me where my son is." Kristen demands.

"I don't think you can. I'm not telling you anything. That little brat will die with no one to help him. I should have done the same to you!" Kathrine yelled at her and smiles wickedly.

Kristen reached her breaking point, and she leaped at Kathrine to attack her. She made sure not to bite her. She was determined to show Kathrine that she underestimated her.

After the fight ended, and Kathrine was defeated by Kristen, the guards put Kathrine into a cell. 

"If you don't tell us soon where you have James, we will start torturing you until you do." William told her.

The day started to come to a close and it started to get dark. James was all alone locked in a small house with no way to escape. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kristen Discovers That James Is Missing - Chapter Twenty Three

William was informed that James was taken from his crib in the middle of the night. The guards were on duty all night and no one passed by them. The Ladies were not disturbed. It was like he vanished into thin air. William meets with Kristen in her chambers to tell her the news of her son.

William could not console Kristen. She sobbed uncontrollably for a long time then headed to the nursery to see for herself.

Kristen sees no signs of struggle and nothing is missing from his room. Then she sees the dog in his crib. She knew instantly who took him and what her intentions were.

Kristen in a fit of rage yelled at her lady. 
"Where were you last night?" Kristen demanded. 
"I was here in this room with him, my queen. We were all here and no one heard anything." the lady replied compassionately.

She started to fill with rage and began to loose control. Everyone began to back away in fear that she would kill them all.

Everyone was filled with fear, and right before she attacked, William came in and wrapped his arms around her to calm her. To everyone's amazement, it worked.

Kristen went from rage to sadness. Kristen and William sobbed together.

After Kristen pulls herself together, she then summons an executioner well known for his unique ability to find certain people and his cruel way of killing. 

He went by no name and showed his face to no one. Kristen did not care. She hired him for the job of her new executioner to do her bidding in return to never reveal who he was and to let him live comfortably at court in solitude.

In a deep voice he replied, "Yes your Majesty. I will find the witch that took your son and I will bring him home. I will make her suffer greatly for the deeds that she has done unto you."

This made the queen happy and she hoped that soon she would be reunited with her son. The executioner headed off into the darkness to find his next prey.

Kathrine Kidnaps James - Chapter Twenty Two

Kathrine brings James back to the rundown shack that she's been living in since Kristen blew up her house. Kathrine sits him down on the floor to get a better look. While she looks at him, she notices a strange resemblance to the curse she placed on Kristen. His skin is pale and he is a bit cooler to the touch.

Once she was done looking the toddler over, she placed James into a crib she made of some small trees so he couldn't escape while she was gone.

Kristen thought that she killed me that little brat. She threw the wrong spell on me. That girl really should have read that book better. The pretend death spell worked in my favor and fooled her for sure. Now I can really get her back for blowing up my house and trying to kill me. Kathrine was so happy she began to further plot her plan for revenge.

Once James realized that this wasn't home he began to scream and cry. 
"I want my mommy!" he cried out. 
"You will never see her again you little monster." Kathrine told him. "Monster?" James replied as he cried. 
"Yes you and your mommy are both monsters. You even killed your mommy's friend." Kathrine told him. 
James started crying even louder and harder.

Kathrine was not sure what she was going to do with James. She didn't want to raise him like she did with Kristen. 

"I can't stand kids like you! You are a curse on the whole kingdom." Kathrine yelled at James.

Kathrine put James in the high chair and gives him some stew. But after eating the stew, James still cries from being so hungry. Little did Kathrine know that since he started out with the curse he had to have blood mixed with his meals. So within a few days, James starts to grow very weak.

When he wasn't crying, he sat on the cold floor with nothing to do but to be sad.

And when James started to cry again, Kathrine would laugh and think about how she corrupted Kristen and ruined her life. She was going to make sure that the Larson blood line would not continue.

Several days passed and James kept growing weaker until finally he just collapsed on the floor. Kathrine wasn't sure what she wanted to do at this point.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Castaway Chapter Fifteen - Brad And His Son Return To The Island

Megan and Brian hard at work in the kitchen while Jasmin and Haley are playing outside.

 A distant noise from far away catches Jasmin's attention. The noise starts to get louder by the minute. As she watches from a distance she can hardly grasp the thought that it is the sound of a helicopter.

"What could that be?" thought Jasmin as she looked around to figure out where the noise was coming from. 

A helicopter is spotted on the hill above the second hut. Out of the helicopter emerges Brad. Is this a rescue mission for him? Has the guilt finally caught up with him for leaving everyone behind? Is that witch, Alison with him? Jasmin keeps playing in her head.

Jasmin runs up to the hut to find Kevin and Brian standing there also watching the helicopter, and Brad, as well as another person coming down the hill.

Megan runs up to the boy and almost startles him. 
"Who are you?" asks Haley. 
"I'm Jordon, Brad's son." he replies. 
"How did you get here?" Megan asks him. 
"In my dad's helicopter." Jordon tells her.

Brad and Brian walk into the hut out of the hot sun. Brian tries not to get mad by all the hurt that was caused by his sister and her fiance, Brad, leaving him behind like he didn't matter at all. 

"Why have you come back after all this time?" Brian asks. "It's been so many years and now you decide to come back!? Why even bother!?" Brian huffed at Brad.

"The night that we left while everyone was sleeping was demanded by your sister. She told me that if I didn't leave you and the others behind that she would take my baby and she would never marry me." Brad explained to Brian. 

"My sister was always cold hearted like that. I use to hear her talk about you and your money to her friends all the time before we crashed here." Brian told him. "So why are you here now and is she with you?"

"No she's not, thats why I'm here. She passed away a month ago from an illness. So after she died, the guilt that I lived with for so long.... I wanted to make it right." Brad explained to Brian.

Jasmin introduces herself to Jordon while Brian and Brad talk in the other room. 

"So you are the son of Brad and Allison?" Jasmin asks him. 
"Yes they say they once were here and this is where I was concieved. My mom use to tell me stories of life here and how they couldn't fit everyone in the plane when they left. When they went to come back to get you guys, they couldn't find the island again. But after many years, my dad finally found the correct cordinates back to the island and wanted to find you guys." Jordon tells Jasmin. 

She's so shocked by what Jordon tells her that she almost looses it. What a liar Allison turned out to be she thought. 

Jordon finds his dad and asks to talk to him in private. 

"Why do I get the feeling that something else happened here than what you and mom told me?" Jordon asks his dad. 
"I didn't want you to know what your mom and I did to these nice people and her younger brother. She was self centered and only thought of herself. She forced me to leave everyone behind or threatened that she would take you away from me. I didn't want you to think that your mom was a bad person." Brian tried to explain to him.

After a long day of explaining and apologizing, they all sit down for a bite to eat. The tension seemed to ease between everyone.

Brian goes to Megan and asks her what she wants to do. 

"We can stay here and live our lives out here on the island or we can return to civilization and give Haley a normal life. It's up to you and I will be happy with what ever you decide." he tells Megan. 

"I don't know what to do or think right now. I think we should sleep on it and not make any decisions tonight." she replies.

After Jordon and Brad leave the room, Brian calls Kevin over to talk to him. 

"I need to know what you're thinking right now. You have been like a father to me and I want to know if you and Jasmin want to leave the island or stay here?" Brian asks him. 
"I don't know what to think right now. I have to talk to Jasmin and see what she wants to do. We have lived most of our lives here since we were young adults. We all will have to talk about it tomorrow."

That night Jordon sleeps in Brian's old bed that he slept in while he was a kid and a teenager.

Brad sleeps in Megan's old bed and decides to let everyone decide what they want to do. Stay on the island or return with him and Jordon.