Thursday, March 24, 2011

Castaway Chapter Fifteen - Brad And His Son Return To The Island

Megan and Brian hard at work in the kitchen while Jasmin and Haley are playing outside.

 A distant noise from far away catches Jasmin's attention. The noise starts to get louder by the minute. As she watches from a distance she can hardly grasp the thought that it is the sound of a helicopter.

"What could that be?" thought Jasmin as she looked around to figure out where the noise was coming from. 

A helicopter is spotted on the hill above the second hut. Out of the helicopter emerges Brad. Is this a rescue mission for him? Has the guilt finally caught up with him for leaving everyone behind? Is that witch, Alison with him? Jasmin keeps playing in her head.

Jasmin runs up to the hut to find Kevin and Brian standing there also watching the helicopter, and Brad, as well as another person coming down the hill.

Megan runs up to the boy and almost startles him. 
"Who are you?" asks Haley. 
"I'm Jordon, Brad's son." he replies. 
"How did you get here?" Megan asks him. 
"In my dad's helicopter." Jordon tells her.

Brad and Brian walk into the hut out of the hot sun. Brian tries not to get mad by all the hurt that was caused by his sister and her fiance, Brad, leaving him behind like he didn't matter at all. 

"Why have you come back after all this time?" Brian asks. "It's been so many years and now you decide to come back!? Why even bother!?" Brian huffed at Brad.

"The night that we left while everyone was sleeping was demanded by your sister. She told me that if I didn't leave you and the others behind that she would take my baby and she would never marry me." Brad explained to Brian. 

"My sister was always cold hearted like that. I use to hear her talk about you and your money to her friends all the time before we crashed here." Brian told him. "So why are you here now and is she with you?"

"No she's not, thats why I'm here. She passed away a month ago from an illness. So after she died, the guilt that I lived with for so long.... I wanted to make it right." Brad explained to Brian.

Jasmin introduces herself to Jordon while Brian and Brad talk in the other room. 

"So you are the son of Brad and Allison?" Jasmin asks him. 
"Yes they say they once were here and this is where I was concieved. My mom use to tell me stories of life here and how they couldn't fit everyone in the plane when they left. When they went to come back to get you guys, they couldn't find the island again. But after many years, my dad finally found the correct cordinates back to the island and wanted to find you guys." Jordon tells Jasmin. 

She's so shocked by what Jordon tells her that she almost looses it. What a liar Allison turned out to be she thought. 

Jordon finds his dad and asks to talk to him in private. 

"Why do I get the feeling that something else happened here than what you and mom told me?" Jordon asks his dad. 
"I didn't want you to know what your mom and I did to these nice people and her younger brother. She was self centered and only thought of herself. She forced me to leave everyone behind or threatened that she would take you away from me. I didn't want you to think that your mom was a bad person." Brian tried to explain to him.

After a long day of explaining and apologizing, they all sit down for a bite to eat. The tension seemed to ease between everyone.

Brian goes to Megan and asks her what she wants to do. 

"We can stay here and live our lives out here on the island or we can return to civilization and give Haley a normal life. It's up to you and I will be happy with what ever you decide." he tells Megan. 

"I don't know what to do or think right now. I think we should sleep on it and not make any decisions tonight." she replies.

After Jordon and Brad leave the room, Brian calls Kevin over to talk to him. 

"I need to know what you're thinking right now. You have been like a father to me and I want to know if you and Jasmin want to leave the island or stay here?" Brian asks him. 
"I don't know what to think right now. I have to talk to Jasmin and see what she wants to do. We have lived most of our lives here since we were young adults. We all will have to talk about it tomorrow."

That night Jordon sleeps in Brian's old bed that he slept in while he was a kid and a teenager.

Brad sleeps in Megan's old bed and decides to let everyone decide what they want to do. Stay on the island or return with him and Jordon.


  1. eek! it may be too soon to leave yet!!! but still it would be nice to see how their lives turned out after they got back... and i hope for the best for the little hayley

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