Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kathrine Kidnaps James - Chapter Twenty Two

Kathrine brings James back to the rundown shack that she's been living in since Kristen blew up her house. Kathrine sits him down on the floor to get a better look. While she looks at him, she notices a strange resemblance to the curse she placed on Kristen. His skin is pale and he is a bit cooler to the touch.

Once she was done looking the toddler over, she placed James into a crib she made of some small trees so he couldn't escape while she was gone.

Kristen thought that she killed me that little brat. She threw the wrong spell on me. That girl really should have read that book better. The pretend death spell worked in my favor and fooled her for sure. Now I can really get her back for blowing up my house and trying to kill me. Kathrine was so happy she began to further plot her plan for revenge.

Once James realized that this wasn't home he began to scream and cry. 
"I want my mommy!" he cried out. 
"You will never see her again you little monster." Kathrine told him. "Monster?" James replied as he cried. 
"Yes you and your mommy are both monsters. You even killed your mommy's friend." Kathrine told him. 
James started crying even louder and harder.

Kathrine was not sure what she was going to do with James. She didn't want to raise him like she did with Kristen. 

"I can't stand kids like you! You are a curse on the whole kingdom." Kathrine yelled at James.

Kathrine put James in the high chair and gives him some stew. But after eating the stew, James still cries from being so hungry. Little did Kathrine know that since he started out with the curse he had to have blood mixed with his meals. So within a few days, James starts to grow very weak.

When he wasn't crying, he sat on the cold floor with nothing to do but to be sad.

And when James started to cry again, Kathrine would laugh and think about how she corrupted Kristen and ruined her life. She was going to make sure that the Larson blood line would not continue.

Several days passed and James kept growing weaker until finally he just collapsed on the floor. Kathrine wasn't sure what she wanted to do at this point.

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