Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kristen Celebrates Her Engagement - Chapter Sixteen

William strokes Kristen's cheek. 
"I can't wait to tell the whole world that I love you and we are to be married." William tells Kristen. 
"This will be a memorable day. We will celebrate with wine, food and music."

Paul was put into the prison cell, to await the decision of the queen. After spending a couple of days in the dungeon with no word from anyone, Paul fears that she will put him to death for sure.

Nancy also fears that the queen will behead her like the girl that previously made Kristen mad. No one could forget that death.

The ladies gather water for the queen's bath. 
"What do you think she will do with Paul and Nancy?" one asked. 
"I don't know but I would not want to be in their shoes," another one replied.

Kristen heads down to the dungeon to speak with Paul. 
"I could not stand to see you with her. I got jealous of her. I am to be married to William and I think it's only right that I set you free to love and be with anyone you choose. So, I have come to tell you that I am setting you free. I want you to be happy, and if you want to see this other lady, you may. You will be set free when the guard comes back with the keys," Kristen tells Paul.

"I am having a change of heart. I will allow you to keep your life and your head. I'm going to set you free so that you and Paul may be together. You may stay at court with Paul if you like. He still serves me as queen," Kristen tells Nancy. 
Then Kristen leaves them await being released.

The henchman arrives and lets them both out. 
"The queen gave me instructions to let you two free. You two have been pardoned. I have never seen this before. You are very lucky," he tells them both.

Paul embraces Nancy with relief. 
"I can't believe the queen set us free and that we can stay here at court together. We don't have to hide our feelings for each other, and I don't have to be with the queen!" Paul exclaims.

After they leave the dungeon, Paul asks Nancy if she would consider letting him court her. 
"I really like you and would love to see you." Paul tells Nancy. 
"I would love that too, since I almost lost my head for you." Nancy tells Paul with a giggle.

The engagement party was held and everyone was invited. The guests all danced and drank wine in celebration of the upcoming wedding.

Everyone toasted to Kristen and Williams union. The food was served and it was a celebration many would remember for years to come.

After the formal festival, and most of the guests leave, Kristen dances with some of her closest friends and staff for hours well into the night.

After everyone headed to bed, and Kristen was doing what she normally did at night, it left Paul and Nancy alone in the court yard together. They embraced each other and shared their first kiss together. 
"Oh, this is a night to remember." Paul whispers to Nancy.

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