Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kristen Discovers That James Is Missing - Chapter Twenty Three

William was informed that James was taken from his crib in the middle of the night. The guards were on duty all night and no one passed by them. The Ladies were not disturbed. It was like he vanished into thin air. William meets with Kristen in her chambers to tell her the news of her son.

William could not console Kristen. She sobbed uncontrollably for a long time then headed to the nursery to see for herself.

Kristen sees no signs of struggle and nothing is missing from his room. Then she sees the dog in his crib. She knew instantly who took him and what her intentions were.

Kristen in a fit of rage yelled at her lady. 
"Where were you last night?" Kristen demanded. 
"I was here in this room with him, my queen. We were all here and no one heard anything." the lady replied compassionately.

She started to fill with rage and began to loose control. Everyone began to back away in fear that she would kill them all.

Everyone was filled with fear, and right before she attacked, William came in and wrapped his arms around her to calm her. To everyone's amazement, it worked.

Kristen went from rage to sadness. Kristen and William sobbed together.

After Kristen pulls herself together, she then summons an executioner well known for his unique ability to find certain people and his cruel way of killing. 

He went by no name and showed his face to no one. Kristen did not care. She hired him for the job of her new executioner to do her bidding in return to never reveal who he was and to let him live comfortably at court in solitude.

In a deep voice he replied, "Yes your Majesty. I will find the witch that took your son and I will bring him home. I will make her suffer greatly for the deeds that she has done unto you."

This made the queen happy and she hoped that soon she would be reunited with her son. The executioner headed off into the darkness to find his next prey.


  1. ooooo the new guy is really creepy, he fits the job!!! lol i hope they find little james, i hope he is ok! kathrine deserves what she awaits!!!

    1. Lol its the grim reaper

      Isnnt that just neat LOL