Monday, March 14, 2011

Kristen Welcomes a Baby Boy - Chapter Twenty

Finally, after many hours of labor, Kristen gives birth to a baby boy. Kristen looks down at the baby and gives him the name James.

He seems healthy but the royal doctor wants to examine him to make sure all was well with the baby, and to see if he is cursed like his mother.

The doctor tells Kristen that indeed he appears to have taken her condition. 
"His eyes are a bit of a pink color not exactly red yet, and his skin is a bit pale." the doctor told Kristen. 
Kristen began to sob for her worst fear has come true. 

"I would take all precautions like keeping him out of the sunlight, and make sure he gets some blood with his milk as well." the doctor instructs Kristen and her ladies.

William could not take seeing Kristen cry. 
"What should I do? She's been crying for hours and even instructed the ladies to take him away to the nursery." William told Robert his best friend.  

"It will pass William. Just be there for her." Robert replied.

Kristen, now exhausted from crying, starts to calm down a little as William enters the room.

"Please do not be sad. This should be a happy day for us! We have a beautiful baby boy." William says. 
He then pulled her close and hugged her tight.

"You are right William. I will have the ladies bring him." 
They brought James in and handed him to William. William cuddled James up and cooed at him.

Kristen was taken in by the love that William showed James that for a moment, she was happy and not sad for her son.

Kristen then placed James in his bassinet and stared at him for a long time. 
"You are so beautiful. A dream that I thought would never come true, yet here you lay. One day you will be the ruler of Winchester." she told James.

While Kristen was not tending to James, the ladies were in charge of his care. They all cooed at him and just adored him.

They prepared the mix that the doctor required for James. He drank the mix and seemed to really like it.

He was a very happy baby and never seemed to cry. Everyone seemed to be falling for the bundle of joy even though they knew one day he would grow up and be just like Kristen with the thirst of blood.

After a long day, the queen's lady puts James into his crib for the night.

After a few days, Kristen and William present James for all to see.

"He's beautiful!" Lara says as she holds James up for a good look. "I do see both you and William in him. He's going to be a heart breaker when he gets older." Lara giggles when she tells Kristen.

Kristen puts James down for a nap. The day was long and many came to see him.

"Kristen has finally accepted James and seems to be in better spirits. She really had me worried." William told Robert. 

"I knew it would take her some time but she would pull through it. She's a very strong woman that has been through a lot in her lifetime." Robert replied.

Kristen is now happy with her growing family. It will take some time to figure out how to raise James, and to see what challenges he will go through with the curse.

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