Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kristen's Falls Ill - Chapter Eighteen

After Kristen married William, she seemed so happy that she tried to feed less on her friends and be kind and nice to everyone even if they made her angry.

At night, Kristen and William spent a lot of their time together since the light of day made Kristen ill.

Kristen was in love with William and she vowed to be faithful to him.

William also slept when Kristen would sleep during most of the daylight hours. The whole court seemed to be on the same schedule as Kristen.

One day Kristen started to feel very ill. Her stomach cramped and her body began to hurt all over.

She started to run to the bathroom, so she wouldn't throw up in front of everyone. Her stomach burned with fire.

Throughout the day she ran back and fourth. She threw up several times.

Just when she thought she was starting to feel better, the pain would suddenly come back.

Kristen started to worry that something was really wrong with her. She thought maybe it had something to do with the curse that the witch had not told her about. Or that was she dying.

"Kristen I'm worried about you. You have been throwing up and really sick lately. You're not feeding either. You need to have blood or you will continue to get worse," William said with concern.
"I'm ok William, I will feed in a bit. I don't get sick very often but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about," Kristen told  him.

Kristen summoned one of her ladies to let her feed. The lady held her hand out making sure not to flinch when Kristen bit into her flesh. Kristen bit into her arm without to much pain and drank enough to feel a little better, but not to much to hurt her friend.

After Kristen fed, she was still feeling sick and weak so she went to lay down for a bit in hopes to keep some of the blood down.

While Kristen was asleep, William went to one of his closest friends. 
"I feel like something is very wrong with Kristen. I'm starting to think that someone has poisoned her. There would be so many that would do this to get back at her for what she has done in the past. I know many still fear her." William told Robert. 

"I will look into it, but lets see if she starts to feel better by tomorrow." Robert replied.

The following day, Kristen was still throwing up and feeling very sick. Her head even began to hurt.

"If the queen continues like this she will die soon. I know she's not suppose to age or grow old, but if she keeps throwing up and not feeding I'm sure she will starve to death or kill us in the process." one of the ladies tells her friend.

Kristen, feeling a little better, picks some fruit for William to help him feel at ease about her illness.

But just as Kristen thought she was getting better, she found herself feeling very sick again, out of the blue.

"I think someone is trying to kill me! They must have poisoned me with something," Kristen thought to herself as she grabbed her stomach.  
Kristen feels that her days are numbered and she will die before too long.


  1. ooooo i hope kristen doesnt die!!! great chapter!!! cant wait for the next chapter! is kristen gonna die or might there be someone else being added to the story?? ;D hopefully its a baby and kristen wont die just yet!

  2. I think she is pregnant, in a couple of the last pictures it looks like she has a baby bump ;)