Monday, March 14, 2011

Is Kristen Pregnant? - Chapter Nineteen

The royal doctor was summoned to take a look at Kristen, to determine if she had been poisoned or if it had something to do with her curse. 
"Lets take a look and see what's making you ill." the doctor told Kristen as she prepared to examine her.

"You are very dehydrated and need to feed since you have been so sick. I see no signs of poison. Your body is swollen for unknown reasons, but it's not to do with any poisons. I have finished my examination and have found that you are with child. That is why you have been getting so sick and tired." the doctor told Kristen.

Kristen sat straight up in her bed with shock.

"I was told that I could not have kids with this curse! I didn't think it was possible." Kristen tells the doctor. 
"With this curse that you have, it's hard to say really what you will experience in life or what the true effects of it will be since you are the only one we know of that has this condition." the doctor explains. 

"Will the baby have this curse or be like William?" Kristen asks. 
"We will not know for sure until the baby is born and has some of the conditions you have." the doctor replied.

Now Kristen was relieved that she was not sick, but was sadden to think that she was bringing into the world a fate she would see no one have, if indeed the child took the curse. What would the future hold for her unborn child. Would the baby be effected with this awful curse, or would he be a perfect little boy or girl like their daddy?

Later on that night, Kristen meets up with William. 
"William!" Kristen squealed as she ran up to him. 

"Are you alright Kristen? What did the doctor tell you?" William asked her with great concern, "You look much better today."

"I have some news that's going to shock you. I spoke with my doctor this morning and I do not have a illness. I am with child, your child." Kristen tells William with excitment.

"Really! I'm going to be a father? I didn't think this was possible. I thought you could never have children?" William asked Kristen. 

"Well I thought I couldn't either, with this curse that I have. I figured she was punishing me and took that away from me to." she told him.

Kristen was starting to show even more now that her pregnancy was getting further along. She was already several months along when she found out she was pregnant and not poisoned. She thought she was just swelling from the poison that someone gave her.

William is so excited that the next morning, when he arose to get breakfast, he danced all the way to the pantry.

All the queens ladies were preparing for when Kristine would awaken in the evening hours. So most ate and dressed before she got up.

Kristen, now pregnant and needing to feed, bites her lady again  and hopes to keep it down.

Along with the blood, Kristen found herself wanting fruits from the garden to eat as well. This was an odd craving, since she didn't need real food to survive. 
"Maybe the baby is human like William!" she thought to herself.

Kristen rubs her stomach. 
"I thought I would never get a chance to have a child of my own." Kristen whispers to her baby.

William can see the baby move now that Kristen's belly has grown. "I bet I can hear the baby too!" William bends down and puts his ear to her stomach. Kristen just laughs at the sight of William. The only thing that William got was a kick in his ear from the baby.

"Did you feel that? The baby just kicked me!" William asked Kristen. 
"Yes I can feel the baby move around. It's a strange feeling." Kristen replied.

Even though Kristen was very happy, she still got upset over little things. Her hormones were way out of whack. Often she took it out on her ladies and the ones closest to her. 

"Can't you do anything right?" Kristen screamed and on of her ladies. 
"I'm sorry my queen. I will get it done." the lady's nervous voice responded.

After her lady left, Kristen once again became content. She rubbed her belly and smiled down at the baby in her belly.

While Kristen was wondering around the castle, William went to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat.

Kristen found herself quite bored, so she washed some dishes just to have something to do. It brought back a lot of memories that she was glad were over.

When she finished, she strolled through the kitchen with a big grin on her face and even waved to her ladies as she passed by them.

Kristen, now very pregnant, starts to get more exhausted and takes a lot of naps throughout the day.

Kristen and William went to bed that night like always and in the middle of the night, Kristen was awoken by a puddle of water in her bed. She was embarrassed at first because she though she had peed on herself, but quickly realized that she was in labor when the sharp pain shot through her stomach.

Kristen catches her breath. 
"Go get my ladies and let them know its time." Kristen told William. 

William hurried out to get them up and moving and then returned to her side. 
"Is there anything I can do for you?" he asked, showing both conern and excitement.

"No William! Please wait outside until I summon you, the ladies will take good care of me." Kristen exclaimed in a puff of air.

Kristen labored for hours and seemed to not be getting very far along. She was very hateful and had all the ladies, and midwife, nervous. But Kristen kept focused and listened to what the midwife told her to do.

The night came to an end and half the day was already gone. Kristen, still panting and in pain, is exhausted and about ready to give up. 

"Now Kristen, try to push and lets see if we can get this baby out." the midwife instructed. She began to push really hard and then there was a small cry.


  1. awww a baby so cute - where did you get the bedroom furniture - basically what where did you get everything to make this story possible

    1. Im pretty sure the bed is ingame, some come from vita sims, tsr and so much other places, I have been collecting medieval furniture, clothes, hair and anything eles I can find to make this story possible. I mainly googled a lot of it. I started doing medieval stories almost from the start of when the sims 3 came out. I'm so happy you like this story so much. I do like hearing feedback from my fans.

  2. is there a way to get a midwife in the game or is it just in ur story

    1. I just made it look that way. As far as I know there is no mod or option to do that. But there are a lot of wonderful poses. Like my labor poses.

  3. I love this series! Are you continuing it? Hmm.... how did you make this blog?

    1. It may continue one day. I went to and started it that way. It will guide you through the steps on how to start your blog and design it.