Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kristen's Wedding - Chapter Seventeen

"I can't believe it's my wedding day! I'm so nervous that I can barely stand it!" Kristen tells her best friend.
"Your wedding will be talked about all over the kingdom. I still can't believe you have decided to settle down.William will make a good husband. He's a very loving and kind man." she tells Kristen.

"I want you to know Paul that I do not hold any hard feelings towards you. I think it's nice that you have found someone to love." Kristen tells him.

Kristen gives Paul a friendly hug. 
"I hope to see you at my wedding this evening." she says.
"Nancy and I will be there."  Paul replies.

Kristen summons her ladies to help her prepare for her wedding. They bring her wedding gown and help her get dressed.

"You look stunning my queen!" one of her ladies exclaims. 
"I love what you have decided to do with your hair. Everyone will think you are beautiful," the other one told her.

While Kristen was getting ready, William was also preparing for the wedding. He dressed and wore the crown that was her fathers.

"It looks like its time to go to the church," one of the ladies told Kristen.
Kristen double checks to make sure everything is in place and heads, with her ladies, to the church.

Margret and Robert are the first to head down the aisle together.

Then Paul and Nancy follow behind them.

Then Kristen enters the church and everyone stands to watch her walk down the aisle to meet William.

As the wedding began, they shared sweet words of love for all to hear and then gathered for the priest to marry them.

Kristen exchanges her vows and gives William his ring.

Then William pledged his love as he slipped Kristen's ring onto her finger.

"I announce you husband and wife, King and Queen of Winchester. You may kiss the bride," the priest spoke. 
Then Kristen and William embraced and shared a kiss.

The whole crowd broke out in applause and began to celebrate.

After the wedding everyone attended the reception. Kristen and her new husband, William, were having a good time along with all the guests that were invited.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time as they celebrated with wine and food.

After the celebration ended, Kristen and William headed to the royal chambers to be together as husband and wife.

"I am glad to make you my king, to rule beside me and to love me forever." Kristen told William. 
"I will love you til my end and cherish every day that we are together,"  he replied.

The next day, William was crowned King of Winchester to rule alongside of Kristen.


  1. This series is great! Where do you get the horses from? And please could you put Kirsten on the exchange?
    Keep going with it! :)

  2. Im really enjoying making this medieval series. I hope to continue with it for a long time. The horses come from
    Kristen is kinda already on the exchange just not in vampire form.