Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amelia - Chapter Thirty Two

"You are so cute. I hope they take pity on you little one. You are so tiny and innocent. I hope the queen and that wizard find a cure and don't harm you. Prince James gave you such a pretty name. I think it suits you well." she told the baby. 

She then placed the baby in the cradle and left the room.

The wizard picks up Amelia to take a look at her. 

"Well she looks just like you and James, but I'm not to sure if it would be wise to test any potions on her while she's this little. I want to observe her for a little while." the wizard told the queen. 

"Yes I agree, I think she is to young to test the potions on. I want you to still test the others, but let her get a bit bigger before we move forward with her." Kristen replied.

The wizard placed Amelia back in her cradle and then he, and the queen, left the room. James was so curious about her. He snuck in and peered over at the cute little baby. She smiled up at him. 

"Oh how cute you are! You look just like me." James told little Amelia. James heard someone outside the door and hid behind the curtain.

One of the queen's ladies came in and gave the baby something to eat. When she was done she placed her back into the cradle and left the room. James came out from behind the curtain and once everyone was gone, he waved goodbye to the baby and then he darted out the door. 

James and one of the little girls were playing outside when they heard a baby crying. James and the little girl snuck up to the wizard's window and peered in.

They watched as the wizard looked for something. Little Amelia laid in a cradle crying.

She cried and cried, kicking her feet and thrashing around. James watched to see what the wizard was up to. 

"I wonder what he's doing to her? Shes so little. It's not fair to be so mean to something that cute." James told the girl.

Finally, out of frustration, the wizard turned around and could take her cries no more. He began to scream at the baby. 
"Stop crying!" he shouted at Amelia.

Eventually, the little baby gave in and tired of her cries. The wizard got what he needed from her and summoned one of the ladies to come and get her so he would hear her no more.

William was outside with all the kids while they played in the star light. All the kids seemed to be having fun and he loved to see his son so happy.

James chased the girls around playing like he was a monster and the girls squealed as they ran. That was one of there favorite games to play.

Amelia has gotten bigger and one of the ladies was carrying her. James ran up to her. 

"Wait I want to see my Amelia." James told her as he looked up at the cute little girl that use to be so tiny and small.

"Put her down so I can play with her." he demanded. 
"But I'm not sure if your parents want you to." she told James. 
"I don't care she's my little Amelia." he insisted.

She placed her down and Amelia began to crawl across the floor.

James sat down in front of her and began to talk to her like he use to when she was little and in her cradle.

Amelia was fascinated with James. She began to giggle and laugh at James when he would make faces at her.

She went over to the block table and began to play with the blocks.

James sat down beside her and started to pile up the blocks to show her how to make something.

"Look Amelia, stack them like this, you can do it. We can make a little house." James told her as he started stacking.

The wizard was hard at work trying to find a cure. He went through all his books and examined all the samples that he had collected from all of the ones that had the curse.

After going through them all, and then looking at Amelia's samples, he found something in his book that actually might work. However, he had to make sure before he could give it to the queen or James.

The wizard meets with the queen to tell her the news. 

"I must go to the other two and test one of them with this potion. It will determine if it will work." he explains to the queen. 
"I will, in good faith, let one of the girls go back to persuade them to take the potion. I want to keep my word, but one will stay until their curse is cured. Take the little girl with you and the potion, and once you have the results report back to me." she told the wizard.  

James finds his mother in the banquet hall. 

"Mommy, I want to ask you something. I have a request and want to have your permission on something." James told his mom. 

"You know I will do my best to make you happy. What is it that you want?" she asked. 
"Well, I want to keep Amelia here in the castle with me. I want her to share my room with me and for the wizard to not do anything bad to her? he responded, confidently.
"Well that's quite a big request. Do you realize what your asking? You will be responsible for her if we agree to this. But I will not make any promises right now. I will have to talk it over with your father." she replied.

Some time later, the queen arrived in Jame's room where the kids were playing. 

"I want you to know that your sister has been returned to your parents. If all goes well you will join them soon." she told the little girl.

Once the queen left the room, the little girl was excited but sad at the same time. 
"I wish they would have chosen me to go. I will miss them dearly." she told James.

"It will be alright. I think they know me and that you are good friend, and wanted you to stay a bit longer. You will go back to them really soon." James told her as he gave her a big hug. 

"You are my best friend. I will miss you when I go." she told him.

Meanwhile, James loved to play with Amelia. He spent a lot of time with her. Amelia would giggle and laugh when James came to play with her. He was growing quite attached to her.


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