Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Castaway Chapter Sixteen - A Diffrent World

Haley sat at the table while everyone was getting ready to leave. 
"I wonder what the new world will be like." Haley thought to herself.

Brad heads to the plane to get it ready for departure. Everyone decided that they wanted to return to the normal world for Haley's future.

Everyone gathers on the hill to board the plane. Brad told them he would get them when the plane was ready for take off. 

"I can't believe were going to fly in this." Haley tells her mom. 
"I can't believe it either, Haley! I have only seen a plane once before now, when I was about your age actually. I'm sure you are going to love this new place we're going." Megan replied.
"Oh wait mommy! I forgot something. I need to get it before we go!" Haley told Megan as she ran down the hill. 
"I will go with her and we will be back in a moment." Jordon said as he headed off behind her.

The rest waited on Haley and Jordon to return. 

"I hope we're doing the right thing. She's so happy here on the island. I wonder if she will like it?" Jasmin asked Kevin. 
"I'm sure she will be happy.  We can give her much more there." Kevin replied.

Jordon ran after Haley down the hill. 
"Will you wait up! I will help you find your toy." Jordon called out to Haley.

 Brad was almost done with the plane, when he noticed a spark coming out of a panel on the plane. A fire began and spread through the controls.
Brad managed to get out and ran to warn everyone, when...

The whole plane exploded! It was a massive explosion that shook the whole island.

Brian went flying into the air.

Megan was blown off her feet.

Jasmin was tossed in the air like a rag doll. The rest of the group was tossed with them.

The blast was so loud, that it startled Haley and Jordon. 

"Oh no! What happened!?" Haley screamed. 
The smoke rose over the hill side and turned the sky overhead black.
"I'm not sure, but it's not good!" Jordon exclaimed.

"Stay here! I will go and find out what happened. Do not come up the hill, Haley! I beg of you in case it's bad. Promise me! I do not want you to see anything bad." Jordon instructed Haley. 

"I will stay!" Haley told Jordon while she choked back the tears in her eyes.

Jordon ran up the hill, and through the smoke, desperately hoping that everyone was alright.

As he topped the hill, the smoke was so thick, he could barely see anything around him. He called out to everyone. The only sound he heard was the fire crackling. No one answered him.

The smoke cleared a bit as he got closer to the ground.

That's when he first saw his father. Jordon was shocked by what he saw. Brad was laying in a pile of rubble. He wasn't moving and was bleeding badly. 

As he looked around, he saw Jasmin and Kevin laying motionless on the ground, with no signs of life. Panic began to set in as Jordon took in the horrible scene.

Beside Jasmin and Kevin laid Megan and Brian. They too were not moving.

He checked everyone for any sign of life, but no one had survived the blast. It was too late. They were all killed by the blast.

The hut on the hill caught fire from the blast and burned to the ground. Jordon could not get it put out.

Jordon, now overwhelmed with shock, dropped his head down and began to cry. 

"My dad is dead and now I have no one! How in the world am I going to tell Haley that her whole family is dead, and we are now alone here on the island!?" Jordon thought to himself, starting to panic.

Jordon came down off the hill to meet with Haley, who was still waiting for him. 
"What happened!? Wheres everyone at!?" Haley asked Jordon. Jordon, now in tears, broke the news to her. 
"It looks like the plane blew up. No one made it." Jordon told her as he sobbed.

Haley couldn't believe what he was telling her. 

"I want to see for myself! I want my family! I don't believe you!" Haley shouted at Jordon as she tried to run up the hill. 
Jordon managed to stop her and convinced her to go to return to the hut. 
"I need you to stay here Haley! You can't see them like this. Promise me you will stay!" Jordon said firmly. 
She couldn't speak, but nodded her head and began to cry.

Jordon dug their graves and put them each into a hole. After most of it was done, and the bodies were covered, he let Haley come up. 
He finished covering all of the graves.

When he had finished, he broke down and cried over his father's grave. 

"What am I going to do now?! Why did this happen!?" Jordon asked his father's grave.

Later that night, Haley went to her mother's grave. 
She stayed there and cried most of the night.

Jordon finally had to go get Haley. 
"It will be ok. We will get through this together. You're not alone." Jordon consoled her.

They both sat down in the graveyard that had once been a beautiful fishing spot.


  1. :'( On that post was wonderfully written but so sad. I could only imagine how those two feel. I know its sims but its so "real" for me when reading stories.

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  6. Oh No! :( everyone died? That's so sad. Brian and Megan were so young and Jasmin and Kevin now will never see their families again! I wonder what will become of Haley and Jorden?

  7. Oh this is so good! Very sad though :( You should definitely continue it! :D

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