Monday, April 11, 2011

James Becomes a Child - Chapter Twenty Seven

A few weeks have passed and little prince James has recovered and become his lovable self again.

"Oh little James, this is a very big day for you. It's your birthday today and we have prepared something special for you." Kristen told James as she picked him up from the floor.

James smiled really big and was so excited he squealed with delight.

Everyone gathered in the kitchen.The cooks prepared a special treat in celebration just for James.

They prepared him a very special cake to celebrate his new transition to being a kid and learning what it takes to someday be a king.

James blew out his candles and clapped his hands in delight. Then he grew into a child.

Kristen hugged James. 
"Happy Birthday my sweet boy. I love you so much." Kristen whispered in his ear.

"We will begin your studies starting tomorrow. Have fun on your birthday and enjoy yourself. Just be careful and do not spend too much time in the sun and drink plenty that is prepared in the kitchen for you. Do not bite anyone." Kristen instructed James. 
"I will make you proud of me mommy." James replied.

After the party they gathered in the throne room to introduce James as the prince and soul heir to the throne.

He was presented with a gold crown with blue jewels.

James felt so special to have a crown of his own and to sit in his mommy's chair.

"Can I go play now?" he asked his mom. 
"Yes you can now that you have been crowned. Stay close to your guards and maids." she told him.

James headed out to play on his swing set and in his fort that they built for him.

James claimed high into his fort and his lady called after him to be careful.

"I'm king! My kingdom looks great." James declared as he pretended to rule the kingdom.

After a while, James had to come in for the sun was hot and he began to feel its effect on him. 
"Lets go in for the day and play in your room til tomorrow." the maid called out to him.

He had lots of toys to keep himself busy while he had to stay indoors. He enjoyed building and practicing his handwriting.

"It's time for bed James. Your mother has instructed me to get you ready for bed." the maid told him. 
James got washed up and dressed, then climbed into bed.

It didn't take James long to drift off to sleep.


  1. awwwww he is sooo cute great chappter

  2. i love James! so handsome and cute adorable

  3. Yes I think so to. I can't believe how cute he turned out to be since he was born in the game.