Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kara's Pregnancy - Chapter Thirty One

The girls were released from the dungeon, and even allowed to play with the prince, to keep him company while he was indoors during the daytime. They all seemed to get along and the prince loved having friends to play with.

When it became night, the kids would go outside to play. They loved to play with the horses while they were in the field. 

"I hope you like it here?" James asked one of the little girls. 
"Yes I do, but I must admit, I miss my family." she replied to James. "I'm sure you will see them very soon." James told her.

The girls were given their own rooms with two beds, a toy box and some toys.

The girls seemed to settle in more after being in the dungeon for so long and the loss of their family.

Kara missed her girls and thought of them often. She was now certain that she was pregnant. This was a crucial step closer to being reunited with her girls.
"I'm sure now that I'm with child. I'm beginning to show and have all the signs of being pregnant." she told Beth. 

"This is good news. I will send word to the queen of your progress. She will be very happy. I will also find out how your girls are doing as well." Beth told her.

"This brings back so many memories of when you were pregnant with our girls. I know you miss them so much. We will see them again. I wonder what this child is?" he asked Kara curiously. 

"I don't even think of it as a baby or ours. We will not get to see it grow and must put it out of our thoughts. It probably wont even live long with that wizard." she replied sadly.

Kara enjoyed being outside and spotted a little lady bug on one of the leaves of a flower. She picked it up and thought how her girls loved to catch them and put them into tiny jars to bring home.

"I have received news from the queen. She is thrilled of the news of your pregnancy and replied that your girls are doing well. She is allowing them to play with her son, James, and they have their own rooms in the castle. They are allowed to play outside and are being treated very well." Beth told Mark and Kara. 

"I'm so happy to hear that they are doing well." Kara replied, comforted a bit from the response.

This pregnancy is much harder on her than the others had been and she constantly found herself very tired. She rested as much as possible.

When she wasn't sleeping, Kara tried to relax as much as possible and would read to pass the time.

She would stare out the window wondering what her girls were doing at that same moment. She had never been away from them for so long. Now that she was getting closer to delivering this baby, she became more and more anxious to see them again. 

Kara's water broke and the pains began. 
Mark ran to get Beth so she could help Kara with the delivery of the baby.

Beth arrived to find Kara in a lot of pain. 
A few hours passed and it was time for the baby to be delivered. With the last few pushes, the baby was born.

Kara wrapped the baby up in a blanket and cuddled the baby to her chest.

Beth quickly told Kara to put the baby in the cradle, to keep her from getting attached to the baby. She knew that she had to take the baby to the queen and knew that it would hurt Kara to be torn away from the baby. Beth had grown quite close to Kara and hated the thought of taking her baby away. However, she knew she had to do as she was told.

The baby was healthy and seemed to have the characteristics of the same curse befallen on the queen and her son. This is what they had hoped would happen. It proved that it was possible to get a baby with the same curse, and also proved that both Mark and Kara were the same as the queen. Now they were a step closer to finding a cure.

"You and your husband are to stay here while I take the baby to the court. I will ask when your girls are to be returned to you. If the queen agrees, I will be bringing them back with me." Beth told them.

Beth reached into the tiny cradle to pick up the baby to take it with her.

As Beth headed out of the room she could hear Kara begin to cry. 

"Don't cry my love, we will be with our girls again. This child you must forget, think of it as never existing." Mark consoled her.

"I know but this child is a part of us. And now this will be another child that has been taken away." Kara sobbed. 

"I know, but you must not think this way." Mark responded as he took Kara into his arms and hugged her tight.  

Beth took the baby to one of the queen's ladies. The lady took the child into the throne room where the queen was waiting. 

"This is the child that you have requested my queen."
The lady took the child to the queen so she could get a better look. 

"I see it appears to have the same curse. Is the child otherwise in good health?" the queen asked. 
"Yes it seems to be quite healthy." she replied. 

"So what gender is the baby?" the queen asked. 
"It's a girl." she replied.
The queen then looked over at James. 

"So what shall we name this baby?" she asked him. 
"Well I like the name Amelia." he says. 
"Ok then, she will be known as Amelia. Take her to the nursery and tend to her needs until I decide what to do with her." the queen ordered.


  1. ooo! i hope the queen does not harm Amelia, Maybe little james could have a playmate in no time soon lol lv your storyies, are you still doing castaway?

  2. Love it, I hope that Amelia will not get hurt, I feel bad for Kara and her husband losing their child to the queen, but overall I love this post you always do such a great job :)

  3. I love this post. You are a very good writer and I like your plots. I can't wait to see what will happen with Amelia. I hope it's nothing bad. :)

  4. Thanks everyone for commenting. Aww sounds like everyone is getting attached to Amelia.

  5. i LOVE your medieval series im totally hooked, your a great writer!