Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Plan - Chapter Thirty

The mother was very depressed and seemed to lose hope that she and her girls would survive another day. After the loss of one of her daughters, she feared that it would only be a matter of time before her other two girls would be taken by this wizard's schemes to please the queen.

After some time passed, they found the husband of the family the wizard had in the dungeon for his experiments. If the whole family disappeared, no one would think too much about it. This would keep it quiet and would not raise any ones suspicions about what was going on in the dungeon.

Before he was united back with his family, the wizard gave him some water to drink....or so he thought. He began to feel a warm sensation spread all over his body.

He was then struck with a horrible pain all over his body. He had never felt this much pain in his entire life. A cloud of red smoke surrounded him and began to fill the cell.

After a few minutes the smoke disappeared and he felt so different. The pain had stopped and he looked down to see his hands did not look the same. His skin looked pale and had a bit of a glow to it. Before he could try to figure out what has just happened to him, the cell door swings open.

There was her true love. Her sweet husband and the father of her children. She rushed over to him only to realize they had got to him first. He was given the potion that had changed her earlier. 

"I have been looking everywhere for you and the girl! What have they been doing to you and what did they do to me!?" he asks her in alarm.
 "I do not know for sure what they are doing. This wizard had been experimenting with us." she replies.

"Where's our other daughter?" he asks.
"I told you they were experimenting with us. I feel it has something to do with the queen's condition. They have a new wizard that's trying to find a cure and we are the ones they have chosen to try these potions on. She was the first of our girls to take the potion. It worked on me but when she took it," she paused and took a deep breath, "she... died from it. It was a very quick death." she tells him in a small whisper.
She pulled him close and let him hide his tears from his other daughters.

The queen summoned for the lady from the dungeon.

 "I want you to do this for me and I will take mercy on your girls. I will let them out of the dungeon and set up rooms for them in the castle until you have completed what I ask of you." the queen explains to her.

"You and your husband are to go and stay in one of my country houses that I have prepared for you. There you will get pregnant and stay until you deliver the baby. If you fail to do this I will have no mercy and will let the wizard continue his experiments on your daughters as well. So will you do this?" she asks her.

 "I will do anything for my family. If you keep my girls, safe I will give you anything." she replies without hesitation.

She was then taken, along with her husband, from the castle and her girls to a cottage away from the village. There was one lady there to take care of her needs.

"I'm Beth and I will be here with you through the whole ordeal. I will report your progress to the queen on a regular basis. So what are your names so I will know what to call you?" Beth asks them.

"My name is Kara and this is my husband Mark." she replies. 

She then left them alone. Kara and Mark sat down on the bed and talked for a long time.

 "I can't believe they are making us do this. We will give them this monster and hopefully they will let us leave with our girls. We just need to make sure we don't get attached to it." he tells her.

"I don't want another child, but only to keep my girls safe. I will do anything I have to do." she tells Mark.

Once the decision was made, it didn't take them long to get started. They were happy to be together again but had to make sure they succeed in what the queen wanted for the sake of their girls.

She missed her girls desperately but enjoyed being with her husband again. It was a beautiful house and she was allowed to go outside for a bit after the sun went down.

She became sick to her stomach. Even though this was a good sign that she was with child, it was a bit scary and sad at the same time.

It wasn't long after that she began to throw up all the time. She had a hard time keeping anything down.

After a little while, she began to feel much better, and she was sure that the days were counting down to be united with their children again.

Beth started to notice that Kara was getting sick every morning and was certain that she was pregnant, but it was still too soon to tell. She would wait to make sure before she told the queen.

Kara woke to an awful pain. She was cramping and very sick. Mark feared that Kara was loosing the baby. Beth ordered Kara to bed until they knew for sure that she was either losing a baby or that she suffered from some other ailment and was not pregnant.

Meanwhile in the castle dungeon the girls had heard that there parents were sent away for a bit and that they were to stay in the castle. James managed to sneak down and tell the girls that they were to have their own rooms and that they would be able to play all the time. This gave them hope, but they missed their parents.


  1. very good post glad the girls will be safe for now i hope!

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