Sunday, April 3, 2011

Search And Rescue of James - Chapter Twenty Five

"Now that we have Kathrine in our prison, we must find James fast. We will have to search every house until we find him." William instructed everyone.

While everyone was searching for James, he was all alone and growing very weak. He tried to get the door open but could not reach the handle.

He could not open the windows and was running out of time.  

A local lady from town was walking by and heard a child crying. It was not a normal cry.

She stood outside the door for a moment to listen to the child's cries. It appeared that the child was in distress and no one was helping.

James fell to the floor. He was hungry and exhausted.

The passerby decided to open the door and have a quick look inside to make sure everything was alright. To her horror she found a child laying on the floor. He was no longer responding and seemed lifeless.

She bent down to see if she could wake the child. She fears she may be to late. He looks very pale and is not moving at all. 
She reached down to touch him.

To her surprise, he wakes up! He is very weak and she quickly recognizes him when he opens his eyes and they are red. 

"Oh my! You are little James. Everyone has been looking for you little one! You are safe now." the lady tells James as she scoops him up from the floor.

The lady took him from the house.

Everyone was still searching all the houses one by one. The executioner came upon the house and no one answered the door. So they entered to search.

"Your son was here at one time. I don't see any sign of him now. She must have moved him to another location." the executioner tells William. 
"I can't believe he was here. Where could she have taken him!? William asks the executioner. 
"I feel like were running out of time." Robert says with a sad, bothered look on his face. 
"We must continue. We will not give up!" William orders.

The executioner heads down into the dungeon to try to once again, get information out of Kathrine. In a deep and scruff voice he says, "One last time, where is Prince James? If you do not tell me I will make sure your death is long and painful." 
 His voice is calm and creepy and she knows he speaks the truth.

"I will never tell you! I hope he dies and it destroys Kristen and her whole family! I want the Kingdom of Winchester to fall!" Kathrine screams back at the executioner. 
"So be it. It's your fate," he told her as he left the dungon.

William meets Kristen in the throne room. 

"Have you found my baby?" she asks.
"My love, we are still searching every house in the kingdom and now heading to the houses around the woods." William tells her.

Kristen puts her face into her hands and sobs. 

"Kristen please do not cry. All hope is not lost. I didn't want to tell you yet, but when we were searching the houses, we think we found where James once was being held captive. He's not there now, but I think we are close." William consoles Kristen.

As Kristen pulled herself together, she got news that a lady from the village found James and was with him waiting in the throne room. Kristen's heart began to beat fast and she took off running down the corridor.

As she turned the corner, she sees a lady holding James. Everyone fills the throne room to see little James' return. 

"I can't belive my eyes! You have brought my baby back! Where did you find him?" Kristen asks even though she is out of breath.
"I was walking by this house and heard him crying. I couldn't resist and decided to check it out. That's when I found him." the lady replies and hands James over to Kristen.

Kristen takes James into her arms and hugs him tight. 

"Oh how I have missed you my sweet prince! Mommy was so worried about you. I had everyone looking for you! Are you Ok?" Kristen asks James. 
"I'm very tired and hungry. The woman was very mean to me. She left and never came back!" James tells her. 

"We have her in the dungon and she will never hurt you again." Kristen promises.

Kristen handed James to Lara and gave the lady a big hug.

"I am forever in your debt! You have returned what was most dear to me. This I will never forget! Come live here at the castle and you will never want for anything." Kristen offers the lady. 

"I'm most glad that I was able to save little James. I would love to come live at the castle, but I have a family of my own and we enjoy living in the village." the lady replies. 
"If you are ever in need of anything, do not hesitate to ask." Kristen tells her before returning her attention to her son.

Lara feeds James, and makes sure he is full, before preparing him a bath to clean him up. James plays in the water and once again, feels safe and happy.


  1. yay!!!!!!!! soooo glad james is back cant wait to see what happens to kathrin

  2. how did u get james to have a bath - i mean i didnt think you could bath toddler in sims 3

    1. They left that out of the sims 3, I do miss it. I had him play in the floor with a toy, then paused the game. I used master controller a mod to make him naked, then had his mom get ready for a bath, right before she striped, I used the moveobjects cheat and moved him into the bathtub.