Thursday, April 7, 2011

Torture and Death of Kathrine - Chapter Twenty Six

Kathrine sits in the dungeon now after being held for a long time. She's lost track of how long she's been there. She's been starved almost to death, but fed just enough to barely keep her alive.

Kristen summons the executioner. 

"Now take no mercy on her, no matter how much she begs. I want her to suffer with great pain. But do not kill her yet! I want her to be executed in front of the whole kingdom." Kristen tells the executioner. 
"No worries my queen. I will make her suffer greatly." the executioner replies with satisfaction.

The executioner heads to the dungeon where Kathrine's being held. 

"Well now you will face your fate. You will wish for a fast death." the executioner tells her as he laughs. Kathrine gets up from the bench and walks over to the gate. 
"I do not care what you do to me. I would do it all over again. I wish I would have killed her." Kathrine huffed at him.

Kathrine walks into the torture chamber for the second time. She stares at the skeleton hanging in the cage and begins to realize that her fate would be to die a horrible death.

He heats up a poker and begins to burn her with it. Kathrine stands, screaming in agony, but takes each burn.

The executioner forces Kathrine to sit on the torture table. Kathrine looks over at the executioner as he plays with many things before deciding what he wants to do next.  

He begins to torture Kathrine some more. She crumples up on the table in agonizing pain. The executioner refuses to stop.

Kathrine finally breaks down and cries out for him to take mercy on her and to stop.

He begins to laugh at her and continues on until she passes out on the ground.

They put her back in her cell for more torture when she awakes.

Later that night, when she comes to, the executioner brings her out of her cell. Kathrine crumbles in fear at the sight of him. 

"Kristen wants to speak to you. Wait right here." he tells her.

Kristen enters the dungeon and begins to demand that Kathrine to tell her how to get rid of the curse. 

"What do I do to remove this?" Kristen says firmly. 
"I know you know and you are refusing to tell me!" Kristen screams at her.
Kristen, now in a fit of rage, screams at Kathrine in hopes that she will be frightened and tell her. Kathrine, realizing that she has been defeated, cowers back in fear. 

"I no longer have the book of spells. You burned it when you set fire to the house." Kathrine told Kristen. 
"Well then, I have no use for you and you will die." Kristen told her.

Kristen orders the executioner to put Kathrine to death and be rid of her for good. 
"I want her beheaded. I want to make sure she's dead this time." Kristen demands.

The executioner prepared to swing the ax as Kathrine began to plead for her life.

Kristen, and everyone from court, was there to watch her fall. 

"Wait! Kristen yells out. 
"This is to easy of a death for her. Bring the blade of death. It will be much more painful for you. I have no pity for her and wish her to die a most excruciating death." Kristen told him. 
"As you wish my queen." he replied.

"Place your head into the hole you witch!" he demanded of Kathrine. 
She slowly bent over and placed her head into the hole in hopes to end her pain and suffering quickly.

He pulled the rope and released the blade. The rusty and jagged blade fell and cut through Kathrine's neck slowly. She screamed until her head finally fell from her body.

He placed the stone back on the platform and removed her body. 
He then placed her head on the stone, for everyone to view.


  1. so good but so gross!! She got what she deserved though. :D

  2. where did you get the tortue chamber set and does that blade of death actually function in the game and where did you get it from - you truly are a great story telller and great with the screenshots and i am glad the witch is dead

    1. No they are only decorations. Thank you for the compliment. I do take a lot of time in setting up for the shots. I have to make them look as real as possible.

    2. ok thanks but if they are only decorations then how did you get her head removed from the body and onto the stone

  3. I used two sims for the shot, I used a animation of passing out from being dramatic, and then I had one set down, I place the sims under the platform and moved it just right to make it look like the sims head was in the basket. And the other one I moved to make the head disapear into the stone. I had to use the moveobjects on cheat.

  4. where did you get the torture things? can any be used? btw I LOVE your stories and your sets. I'm addicted and I play Midnight Hollow or Sunlit Tides all the time, and I got them from you! Thanks so much!