Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Wizard - Chapter Twenty Eight

Kristen asks Paul to join her in the thrown room. 

"I have been hearing about this wizard that is very good with spells and potions. I even hear that he possess some kind of magic. I want you to find him and bring him back to court." Kristen tells Paul.

 "I will ask around and see if I can find him. He shouldn't be hard to find if he truly possess these powers." Paul replied.

Paul says goodbye to Margret. 
"I will be gone for a few days or a week at most. I will miss you dearly." Paul tells her. 
"Be careful and hurry back." Margret replys.

James is hard at work with his studies in his room. The ladies stay with him and catch up on some reading while helping him with his lessons.

Kristen sits and thinks about the wizard. 

"What if he could cure me. That would mean he could cure my son and he wouldn't have to deal with his curse like I have had to do. He could live out a normal life and have kids and grow old with his love." Kristen thought.

The ladies stand around and catch up on their gossip while they watch James play outside.

"James! Get out of the pit. Those cows will run you over and hurt you." one of the ladies calls out to James. 
He climbs out of the gate and continues to play while the ladies calm down.

After an evening of play, James had to get back to his studies.

Meanwhile, Paul asked around to see if anyone could help him find the wizard. After a few days, a lady tells him that the wizard lives in the other village, not to far away, in a brick looking house.

This must be it. It looks just like she described. Paul knocks on the door and a strange looking man answers.

"Come in young man." he invites Paul.

Paul tells him what happened to the queen and how it has passed down to her son James. 
"The queen has heard of your great powers and wants you to come to court to speak with her." Paul tells the wizard.

"Oh I have heard of your queen and the whole story that unfolded with her family. I think I might be able to help." the wizard replies. "How do I know that you are the great wizard that everyone has been talking about?" Paul asked.

With sparks and lights the wizard disappeared and then reappeared across the room. 
"Now do you believe me to be the wizard that you seek?" he asks.
"Yes you are the one we are looking for. The queen will be excited to see you. Make ready for the trip to the kingdom." Paul tells him.

"You have returned Paul! I'm so glad to see you. I hope you have good news for me?" the queen asks.
"I do have good news! I found the wizard and he's ready to see you." Paul replies.

The wizard entered the court and bowed to the queen. 

"Rise great wizard, for we must discuss the service I want you to do for me and hopefully, my son." Kristen says.

"I will set up a place of your own for you to work on a cure for this curse. I don't care how you manage to find one as long as you do find it. I will make you a rich man if you do." Kristen offers. 

"Yes queen, I will work and see if I can find some potion that will take this curse from you and the prince." he replies and bows.

A lot of his stuff was transported to his new home. 
He wasted no time in researching the possibilities.

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