Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Wizard Experiments - Chapter Twenty Nine

"I'm going to start on a few spells and see where it goes. I'm going to need your permission to get someone to test this spell on. We can not endanger your life highness." the wizard explains to Kristen. 

"You have my permission to do what ever you need to find a cure for this curse." Kristen replies. 

"Ok, I will get started right away." he says.

It wasn't long before the wizard had found some prisoners. He ran across a small family far from town and decided that it was convenient to take them. With her husband away, she and her three girls were hopeless to escape. They were locked up in the dungeon.

They didn't know why they were taken or what they had done wrong. The kids were scared and their mom was staying strong to help keep them calm.

The wizard studied his books and began to make a potion for his new victims.

The mother was the first one to test the potion. Within minutes she had a red fog surround her and her body began to jerk.

The girls watched in shock as their mom's transformation took place.

Soon she became still and her eyes turned a yellowish glow. Her skin turned pale and cool to the touch. She was very pretty with her strange appearance but they had no idea what had just happened to her.

The wizard brought her to his house to examine her. 

"So I see your skin is pale and cold, and your eyes have changed to. I'm not sure why they haven't turned red. Maybe it's the color your eyes were before. And lets take a look at your teeth. Yes they too have changed. You are now looking like the queen." he tells her. 

"Why have you done this to me!? And what are you going to do with my little girls!?" she questions the wizard. 

"All in good time.  All will be revealed to you." he replies.

James, playing in the castle while waiting for the darkness to come outside, wondered down into the dungeon. He knew he wasn't allowed down there, but it was so tempting to take a look. He was shocked to find three little girls locked up in the dungeon. 

"Why are you here in the dungeon?" James asks one of the girls. 

"I don't know why we are here, but it's a scary place." she replies.

Before James knew it his father catches him. 

"What are you doing down here son?" 

"I was bored and wanted to see what the dungeon looks like. he replies shyly, knowing he is in trouble. 
 "Why do they have little girls locked up down here?" he asks his dad. 

"I do not know, but we don't get involve in things that don't pertain to us. It's best to just leave it alone." his dad stresses to him. 

"Can I play with them for a while since everyone is asleep? We will be quiet." James begs his dad. 

"Ok but this will be our secret. Don't tell anyone." his father warns him. 

James was so excited to have someone his own age to play with! They all seemed really nice and warmed up to James fast even though they knew of his condition. Word always spreads fast through the kingdom. 

"I will talk to my mommy and see if she will let you and your mommy go." James tells them.  

The wizard asked the queen to come and examine his new experiment to see what she thought. 

"Well I see you have done quite well, wizard. I see she has the same skin and the same teeth, but her eyes are different. Maybe something is not quite right." Kristen wonders. 

"I want you to keep experimenting til you get the red eyes. Now try to find a curing potion as well. I'm very pleased with your work thus far." she tells him with enthusiasm. 

"I see you now have this awful curse as I do. I would suggest that you do as he tells you so that he might find a cure to this condition, and in return, you and your family will be spared a painful death." Kristen tells her.

The wizard then brings one of the little girls to his lab. 

"Come here little girl!" the wizard calls out to her.

She walks hesitantly over to him. He leans down to speak to her. She trembles with fear. 

"Don't be afraid little one. I'm here to help you." he tells her.

"Here, sit for a bit. I will get you something to drink. You look very thirsty and tired." he says. 
The wizard hands her a little thing of juice. She begins to drink it. It has a very odd taste, but she doesn't mind.  

Then she felt very strange. She began to hurt all over. She couldn't breath and fell to the floor.

They took her and placed her into the dungeon with her sisters and her mother. She was barely breathing and seemed lifeless on the floor.

Her sisters and her mother watched her as she quit breathing and nothing could be done to save her.  Fear overcame them.

"What did they do to my little girl!?" the mother said quietly as she sobbed.

The queen was summoned to the dungeon to ask what she wanted to do with the girls body. 

"Place her in the dungeon graves. We don't want anyone to know of this." she tells her executioner.

The executioner took the girl's lifeless body and placed her in the ground. He buried her in a grave that already contained a prisoner's body. That way no one would know she even existed.


  1. omg so sad for the little girl D= glad the little prince has some friends to play with! =D but why do they have to be soo brutal D= its really sad

  2. Awesome chapter. I'd like to see one of the girls grow up and marry the little prince. Anyway, I've been reading this since the beginning and love reading each chapter! Whenever a new one is posted I'm always really excited to read it. Keep on writing these! They're good.

  3. Thanks, as for the brutality, I have to throw in twists and turns. In medieval times they were very crule. But I always try to throw in happy times to even them out.