Sunday, May 29, 2011

James Breaks Amelia's Heart - Forty Five

James arrived at the cottage to find that Amelia was waiting for him. She ran across the yard to where he was standing with his horse.

She wrapped her arms around him and was happy to see him again.

James wasn't happy and Amelia could see it. 

"What's wrong and why are you dressed like that?" she asked him. "I have something to tell you...... and you're not going to like it." James told her nervously.

"The reason why I'm dressed like this," he paused to gather his thoughts, "I got married to Julia today. I had no choice! I couldn't get out of it!" James said quickly. 
Amelia immediately brought her hands up to her face, to try and hide the tears. She began to cry and James knew he had broken her heart. The person he cared for most in the world was hurting and there was nothing he could do about it.

Amelia stopped crying for a brief moment to scream at James. 

"Why!? Why have you done this to me?! You are supposed to love me and now you are married to Julia! She is your love now, not me! She will be the one to have your children and sit beside you on the throne!" Amelia cried out, unable to stop herself.

 "I had no choice! You know that I love you!" James pleaded. Amelia pulled away from James when he tried to console her. 
"I will have no part in this. You made your choice when you married her!" she exclaimed as she turned away from him.

Amelia turned and ran back to the cottage. 

"Please! Please! Forgive me, don't leave!" James called out to Amelia as she ran into the cottage and slammed the door shut behind her.

James ran after her. He didn't care if anyone knew he was there, the damage was done and he needed to beg Amelia for forgiveness.

As soon as he got around the corner of the house, he saw Beth standing outside the door. 

"Beth! I need to talk to Amelia!" he told her. 
"You know you're not supposed to be here. You are going to get us in so much trouble if they find out you have been coming to see Amelia." she told him sternly. 
"I'm so sorry. Can you please tell her I'm sorry and that I will find a way to make this right!" he asked her. Beth hesitated.
"I'll see if she will talk to you and what she has to say. Wait here, I'll be back." she replied.

Amelia ran up the steps, into her room and broke down into tears. She felt so betrayed by James. 
"He should have never come to find me if he knew that he was going to have to marry Julia," she said aloud.

She couldn't take much more and just collapsed to the floor. She sobbed uncontrollably.

Moments later, Beth opened the door and found her crying. 

"James wants to talk to you. He said that he was sorry and that he wants to make things right with you. What do you want me to tell him?" Beth asked her. 
"Tell him no, that I never want to see him again!" Amelia cried out. "I will tell him." Beth said quietly, as she left the room and headed down the steps.  

She came back outside and James could tell that it wasn't good news by the look on her face. 

"She doesn't want to talk to you... she never wants to see you again. I know she's upset and feels betrayed right now. But honestly, it might be for the best.... for the both of you." she said confidently.
James sighed sadly.
"Please tell her that I love her and that I will never give up. I will find a way that I can be with her." he said.

Amelia watched as James rode off. She could feel her heart breaking. She wanted to run and stop him, feel his arms around her, to feel his kiss again. She knew it would never be possible again. 

She knew that she had to forget him but didn't know how she was going to accomplish it. She was hoplessly in love with him.

She stood there thinking about all the things that James and Julia were going to experience together.  She was torn at the realization that he would be kissing Julia goodnight and holding her. That he would be with her and she would give him wonderful children.

She could take no more. Her head began to pound and she was sick to her stomach. She laid down on the bed in hopes that she could calm herself. 
"I can find someone else to love and who will love me back. Someone who will want me to have their children. I don't need James, I can be happy without him." she said aloud softly, trying to convince herself that it was all true.

The next day, Kara found Beth in the kitchen. 

"What is going on with Amelia?! She refuses to talk to me and she"s upset and crying? Kara asked her. 
"Well, she's in love and now suffers from a broken heart." Beth replied. 

"She has said nothing to me about it. Oh my, who broke my little girl's heart?" she asked with concern. 

Beth, almost afraid to answer, paused before saying, "You can't say anything to anyone. This could get us ALL in trouble. Amelia fell in love with Prince James. He got married to Julia yesterday, then came to see her in the night and told her about the wedding. He didn't want to marry Julia but was forced to. He is in love with Amelia, not Julia. The marriage was arranged by the queen."
Kara gasped. "I hope she gets over him soon, no good would have come of this." Kara replied quietly.

James made it back to the castle and went straight to his room. He sank to the floor and tried not to cry. He knew he hurt Amelia and she would probably never forgive him. He knew it should have been her walking down the aisle to marry him, but that had never been possible. No one would ever have approved of such a match.

Night came and James couldn't even be around anyone. He was supposed to be happy and spending time with his new wife Julia, but instead found himself all alone and crying.

This would be the time that he would normally head out to meet Amelia, but instead he was sitting with his horse, knowing she would not see him. 

So instead he went to his old room and laid down on the bed. He kept running the image of Amelia's betrayed face through his mind. He couldn't stop seeing the hurt look she gave him.

James locked himself up in his room, and after crying all night, he finally passed out. 
Meanwhile, Julia was still plotting a way to get him to be with her. It seemed it was becoming impossible, since he didn't want to be in the same room as her.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Castle Fit For A King Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner. Caitlin Murray!

This is a castle that won the contest, A castle built for a king. Here is some pictures of the castle that she sent me to show all the rooms. Now for my castle.. 

 This is the outside of the castle.

 Again the outside of the castle.

The nice garden in the front of the castle. It is accompanied by a nice little fountain.

 Another view shows the pathway. Follow the pathway to the back and you find..


 The jousting area!!!

.  Here's the garden in the backyard

 Another view of the garden. It is pretty small.

 The death area should be here. I didn't have anything to symbolize a death area so I will just state that it is the death area/

 The cemetery, very small...

 Okay now back at the main entrance lets go inside. It is not this big.. Just the view,

 Behind the grand staircase there is a piano. and a statue.

Go back to the front of the door and to the left there is a small hallway.

 The hallway leads to the banquet hall.

 Next to the hall is the kitchen.

 Leaving that area lets go to the dungeon. It is open for improvement.

 Here is the nice little cell in the dungeon. If you go up the stairs in the dungeon it leads to a balcony.

 On the wall there is a secret door that someone has to discover but behind is a secret study.

 This is what the wall looks like.

 This is the staircase the door will lead you to the balcony,

 The tiny balcony!!

 One of the bathrooms downstairs, it has two showers that are actually very modern,, now that I think about it I would've put bathtubs...

 Another hallway leading away from the kitchen, banquet hall and bathroom.

 Another hallway this time on the right side,

It is long.. I guess.. A grandfather clock sits at the end.

 The thrones.

 The fireplace in the throne room.

 A small bathroom in the throne room that is pretty well hidden.

 The wizards workroom...

 The grand staircase.

 A small meeting room/living room.


 The door leading to the queen and kings bedroom.

 The nursery!

The bathroom... I put stalls because I thought they would be better. I now know Jamee wanted regular toilets but I had already uploaded it to a website and everything so stalls it is! But it can always be changed.

 The teen bedroom.

 A door leading out to a large balcony

 The large balcony off of the teens room.

 A small bathroom connected to the teens room.

 Children's bedroom.

 Another part of the teens bedroom.

 The study

 Closer view of the study.

 My personal fave. The King and queens bedroom!

 Hallway leading to servants rooms.

 The servants bedrooms.


And then downstairs.

                                         Well that showed what a great tour guide I am.. -_- ha ha. So yeah this is the castle! The link to download the castle is! I hope for those of you who download it enjoy it!