Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amelia's Birthday - Chapter Forty One

Amelia loved to chase the chickens. They had just had chicks and she loved to pet them. She knew she wasn't suppose to venture out in the sunlight, but thought if she didn't stay out too long, it wouldn't hurt anything.

Amelia was playing with the horses in the field when her mom found her.

"Amelia you need to be careful in the sunlight. Your skin is sensitive to it. You will burn easy." Kara warned Amelia. 
"I know, I promise I wont be out here too long." Amelia replied.

Amelia headed into the house. Amelia and her dad were growing very close. She would spend a lot of time with him since her two older sisters were doing there own thing and her mom would help Beth out around the cottage. She finally had a family and was feeling that she truly belonged here instead of the castle. She no longer had to hide and they actually wanted to be around her. 

 In the evenings, Amelia's dad would sit by the fire with her and tell her stories. She always loved stories and never tired of them.
At night, when the rest was asleep, Amelia and her dad would play tag, and hide and seek. He would get her laughing with many of his jokes. 

When morning would come, Mark would carry Amelia to her room and put her to bed.

Her sisters planned a birthday party for Amelia. It would be the first birthday that her family got to spend with her.

They all gathered in the kitchen and hollered for Amelia to meet them for dinner. Amelia was surprised to see that they had made her a cake to celebrate her birthday. 

"Go ahead! Make a wish and blow out your candles." her mom told her. Amelia closed her eyes for a second, then took a breath and blew them all out. 
"This is the best birthday I have ever had." Amelia told them.

Then she grew into a teenager.

There stood a very fair and pretty girl. Her skin glowed and her eyes were the prettiest gold color.

"I have something for you." Beth told Amelia as she handed her a box. In the box was a pretty dress, a heart necklace and a gold ring. 

"Who is this from?" she asked Beth. 
"It's from Prince James, but you have to keep this our secret. I was at court last week. He sent this with me to give to you on your birthday." Beth told her.

"They're beautiful! I wish I could thank him myself." Amelia told Beth. 

"Well I will tell him next time I'm at court." Beth replied. 
"This has been such a special day for me. I do miss James but I'm sure he's about ready to get married to Julia. I think she's just about the marrying age." Amelia told Beth. 

"I haven't heard anything yet, but if you want I'll let you know if I hear anything. Just don't speak of it to anyone else." Beth replied. "OK, this will be our secret." Amelia agreed.


  1. Awhh :) Amelia is so pretty!
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