Friday, May 20, 2011

Castaway Chapter Eighteen - New Hope

Haley figured that she would play in her room while Jordon was out getting some firewood. She wanted to do as little as possible for the day.

One day a little parrot appeared out of nowhere. 

"I will make you my new pet. I will call you, Marlo. I think we will be good friends." Haley told the bird. She made him a little perch on the porch to sit on while he was outside.

Today was Jordon's birthday. They threw a little party to celebrate it. Haley couldn't make any deserts like her mom did for her birthdays so they had a bonfire.

Jordon was surrounded by colorful sparkles and then......

He grew up into a handsome young man. 

"Wow you are tall Jordon! Some day I hope I grow up to be that tall." Haley giggled at Jordon. 
"You will, when you are older. It won't be much longer before your birthday and you will be a teenager." he replied and smiled.

Jordon heard a strange noise. He headed down to the beach to see what it was.

Some strange people arrived on the beach in their boat. It was a family with a little boy.

"Hold on, Lennie. Let's go see what we can find." Mohan told his son.

Mohan's beautiful wife, Belise, stepped out of the boat to join them.

Mohan and Belise discuss their plans to start out new on the island. 

"We have to get started on a shelter before it gets dark. We don't know much about this island yet. I will scope it out tomorrow." Mohan told Belise.

They headed up the beach and noticed several banana trees.

Belise started gathering some bananas off the tree.

When all of the sudden, she saw something approaching. Belise held her son behind her to protect him while Mohan dealt with the danger. She wasn't sure if something else was going to approach them. She prepared to protect her son at all cost.

Mohan threw the man down on the ground and held a sharp knife to his chest. Jordon looked stunned and was now staring at a strange man about to kill him. Haley took off running to the hut screaming in fear.

"Please! Please! I mean you no harm. Don't kill me!" Jordon pleaded as he put up his arm to block the knife that was about to pierce his skin.

Haley ran into the hut now out of breath and scared. She didn't know if Jordon was still alive or who the strange people were. She needed to figure out where to hide and what to do. 

"If only my mom and dad were here. They would know what to do." she thought as she looked around in desperation to hide.

Once Mohan realized Jordon was no threat to him, he helped him up off the ground. 
"I'm Mohan, this is my wife and son. I didn't know if you were a threat to me and my family." he told Jordon. 

"You are very fast. Where did you come from? I didn't realize there was any tribe near here. I thought we would never see anyone else." Jordon told him. 

"My people got sick. They all got this disease that ravaged the whole tribe and killed everyone. Me and my family managed to escape before it got us. We lived on a nearby island. We have been at sea for several days and spotted this island." Mohan explained.

Jordon called for Haley to let her know everything was safe. She came out and was very curious who these people were and why they had strange markings on them. 
"Haley and I have been here for a while, she was born here and my father and I came to find them. Their family was here for over 30 years. There was a accident a year ago that killed everyone but myself and Haley. So we are the only ones on the whole island." Jordon told Belise.

While the adults were talking, Lennie approached Haley. 

"Hi, my name is Lennie. What's your name?" he asked her. 
 "My name is Haley, and that's my cousin Jordon." she replied.

"Come, I'll show you my room. We can play with my toys." Haley told Lennie as she tugged at his arm. 

Jordon took Mohan and Belise to the hut. 

"May I cook something for you?" Belise asked. 
"Please, I would like to eat something different." he replied. Belise began preparing a meal.

After she was done, everyone sat down and enjoyed a nice meal.

"You and your family may live with me and Haley. We have plenty of room and we would really enjoy your company." Jordon told Mohan. 

"I would be honored to stay here. I can't believe how nice your home is. A lot of work has been put into it. I will help you all I can and my wife can cook the meals. She's also very good at teaching the kids. She taught the village kids many of their lessons." he told Jordon.

After dinner Belise asked Haley if she would allow her to fix her hair and to make her an outfit. Belise reminded Haley of her own mother. It felt nice to have a female to look up to.

While Belise was fixing Haley's hair, Lennie sat on the floor and played with Haley's toys while waiting for them to get done.

"Oh you look so pretty Haley." Belise told her. Haley looked at herself and loved her new hairstyle and her new outfit. 

"This is so pretty, you're so talented at making clothes. I love them." Haley replied.

"I like the new you. My mom can make just about anything. She will teach you a lot of cool things." Lennie told Haley. 

"I like it to. I'm so glad to have you and your family here. We will have so much fun. Tomorrow I'll show you around the island. It's a very pretty place!"


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