Saturday, May 28, 2011

Castle Fit For A King Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner. Caitlin Murray!

This is a castle that won the contest, A castle built for a king. Here is some pictures of the castle that she sent me to show all the rooms. Now for my castle.. 

 This is the outside of the castle.

 Again the outside of the castle.

The nice garden in the front of the castle. It is accompanied by a nice little fountain.

 Another view shows the pathway. Follow the pathway to the back and you find..


 The jousting area!!!

.  Here's the garden in the backyard

 Another view of the garden. It is pretty small.

 The death area should be here. I didn't have anything to symbolize a death area so I will just state that it is the death area/

 The cemetery, very small...

 Okay now back at the main entrance lets go inside. It is not this big.. Just the view,

 Behind the grand staircase there is a piano. and a statue.

Go back to the front of the door and to the left there is a small hallway.

 The hallway leads to the banquet hall.

 Next to the hall is the kitchen.

 Leaving that area lets go to the dungeon. It is open for improvement.

 Here is the nice little cell in the dungeon. If you go up the stairs in the dungeon it leads to a balcony.

 On the wall there is a secret door that someone has to discover but behind is a secret study.

 This is what the wall looks like.

 This is the staircase the door will lead you to the balcony,

 The tiny balcony!!

 One of the bathrooms downstairs, it has two showers that are actually very modern,, now that I think about it I would've put bathtubs...

 Another hallway leading away from the kitchen, banquet hall and bathroom.

 Another hallway this time on the right side,

It is long.. I guess.. A grandfather clock sits at the end.

 The thrones.

 The fireplace in the throne room.

 A small bathroom in the throne room that is pretty well hidden.

 The wizards workroom...

 The grand staircase.

 A small meeting room/living room.


 The door leading to the queen and kings bedroom.

 The nursery!

The bathroom... I put stalls because I thought they would be better. I now know Jamee wanted regular toilets but I had already uploaded it to a website and everything so stalls it is! But it can always be changed.

 The teen bedroom.

 A door leading out to a large balcony

 The large balcony off of the teens room.

 A small bathroom connected to the teens room.

 Children's bedroom.

 Another part of the teens bedroom.

 The study

 Closer view of the study.

 My personal fave. The King and queens bedroom!

 Hallway leading to servants rooms.

 The servants bedrooms.


And then downstairs.

                                         Well that showed what a great tour guide I am.. -_- ha ha. So yeah this is the castle! The link to download the castle is! I hope for those of you who download it enjoy it!

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