Friday, May 13, 2011

James Gets Betrothed - Chapter Thirty Seven

Kristen came to Amelia while she was up in her room. 

"I need you to stay here or in the garden. I have a very important meeting today." she told Amelia 

"Ok, I will play here or in the garden like you want me to. Will James be able to play?" she asked. 

"No he has to attend the meeting as well. You can play with him later." Kristen replied.

After Kristen left the room, Amelia sat down to play with her doll house to pass the time.

Down in the throne room, it was a very important day at court and everyone was to attend. The queen had been planning this day for a long time. James wasn't sure why he had to attend. He just wanted to go and play with Amelia. They had visitors to court and a girl in a pretty pink dress approached the the queen.

"Hi, I'm Princess Julia. I'm happy to meet your gracious highness." she told the queen and bowed in a curtsy.

"I'm glad to meet you. I have heard of your beauty and your smarts. I think you will make a fine wife for my son." she replied.

James froze solid, he was now is shock and just looked at Julia. He could not smile or even speak. He knew he couldn't say anything in protest to the matter..... at least not yet.

Princess Julia looked very pretty and he knew she would make a pretty wife, but he didn't want it to be his wife. He knew nothing of her and hated the fact that he had no say in who he was to marry.

The queen held a tiny gold crown. She approached Julia and placed it on her head.

James had to stand by her in front of everyone to show their union and betrothal to all. Everyone could tell that James was so unhappy.

Everyone in the kingdom thought it was a good match. They seemed to make a very cute couple.

"We are here to celebrate the union between the Kingdom of Winchester and the Kingdom of Hampton. With this unity a great alliance has been formed." Kristen announced.  

The food was served and music was played. Kristen had James on one side of her and her beloved William on the other. The queen, Isabel of Hampton, sat by William. Princess Julia sat by James. The food was of great taste, even though James had no appetite.

"Time to celebrate! James dance with your new betrothed!" Kristen told James in a low whisper. 
Even though he was not happy, he was enjoying dancing.

It was cute to see them dance together. Kristen and William were happy with such a match for their son.

After everyone left the feast James pulled his father aside. 

"Do not make me marry her. I don't like her. I want to choose for myself one day." James pleaded with his father. 

"You know this will be a good match. In time you will grow to love her. I married your mother, and as time passed, I fell in love with her." he told James. 

"Please!" James began to beg. 
"No it's settled, not another word." he replied. 
James knew he was defeated and had no choice in the matter.

Meanwhile Princess Julia meets with Kristen to talk to her. 

"I think you will be happy to marry my son. When you are old enough, we will hold a grand wedding." Kristen told Julia.

"I think he will make a good husband. My mom told me a lot about him and your family. I would be honored to be his queen one day." she told Kristen.

Amelia was enjoying the shade on a pretty day. She laid on the soft grass watching the ladybugs and butterflies to pass the time until James was free to play after attending the meeting in the throne room. She didn't question why she was not allowed to attend. 

She jumps up off the grass and looks over to see James has finally come outside. However, she notices he's not happy at all.

She ran over to James.
"What's wrong James?" she asked concerned. 
James stood there with his face in his hands sobbing. 

"They want me to marry this princess. I do not want to marry her! I know nothing about her and care nothing for her!" he replied angrily.

James finally had pulled himself together after Amelia cheered him up. Only to find the princess Julia standing there looking at both of them strangely. 

"Oh my, there are two of you. So are you his sister? I have never heard of you." Julia asked them. 

"It's none of your business!" James snapped back at her.

 I'm going to be your wife one day and be the Queen of Winchester." she told James confidently.

 "No! No! Not if I have any say in it." James replied to her as he threw his hands up to pretend to fend her off. 

Amelia was so amused with the whole thing that she broke out in laughter. 

Julia found James really funny. 
"You don't frighten me!" she giggled at James. 


  1. Is there a piece missing? It seems to skip some lines before James starts to fight.

  2. I read it again, not sure what is left out.

  3. It goes "She's of this royal family and it's none of your business!" James snapped back at her to "No! No! Not if I have any say in it." James replied to her as he threw his hands up to pretend to fend her off. Does that make sense to you? It might just be me. Anyway, great chapter. i hope Amelia and James end up getting married. I like them together.

  4. Yes, I see that now, lol. I fixed it. It must have happend when blogger messed up. It was suppost to go on the next pic.

  5. amelia and james should be together not james and julia!!!

  6. D= poor james he deserves what he wants!!! <3

  7. AWESOME... I LOVE your blog :)

  8. Amelia and James should be together not James and Julia!!! But i love this <3