Sunday, May 15, 2011

James' First Kiss - Chapter Thirty Eight

Amelia was a bit sad. She felt like she was losing her best friend to Princess Julia. She went out to the field where the horses were kept. She could always talk to them, they were so understanding. 

Amelia heard a noise and turned to find James standing there.

"Why are you out here all alone?" James asked Amelia.
"I can't stand her! She's trying to break our friendship up!" Amelia exclaimed.
"Don't worry.... she will never come between us. I promise you." James told her.

"What did she mean earlier when she said that she didn't know you had a sister?" Amelia asked James. 
"I just don't know why I feel like this. They never let me attend anything and it's like I'm always having to hide."  Amelia continued.

"I have to tell you something." James paused and took a moment to gather his words. "I didn't want you to know the truth but there is a reason we feel very close." James started to explain. 

Amelia got a puzzled look on her face. 

"You're not my sister. You came to court as a baby and I begged them to let you stay." James went on.
Little did they know that Julia was spying on them the whole time.

"You are my Amelia and always will be." James whispered to Amelia as he hugged her. But before he let her go he kissed her. 

It was all making sense now. She finally started to piece everything together. 

"I will always love you." he told her. Amelia was shocked at first, but knew that she too held a special spot in her heart for James.

Julia watched everything happen between them. She was hurt and shocked at the same time. Now she had to find a way to rid herself of Amelia before she took the crown away from her.

So Julia began to plot. She was sure her plan would work and that she would get Amelia out of the picture. 

"I will not let her take my crown away!" Julia told herself.

First she went to the queen. 

"Oh your majesty! I have a broken heart. I have been betrayed by James." Julia cried out to Kristen. 
Kristen stood there not quite sure what Julia was talking about. 

"What makes you feel this way Julia?" Kristen asked her concerned. 
"I saw James and Amelia in the field talking and then he kissed her! It breaks my heart that my betrothed would betray me like this! He even claims that he loves her." Julia sobbed. 

Kristen was stunned by what Julia was telling her. 
"I will talk to him." Kristen replied.

Julia's plan was now in motion. 

"She found her mother in the banquet hall and ran up to her with a sad face and tears in her eyes. 
"Mommy my betrothed kissed someone else!" Julia told her. 

She told the whole story to her mother, the same way she told Kristen. Isabel was shocked that the prince would be so foolish. 
"I will speak to the queen at once." she told Julia.

Kristen summoned for her son to meet her. He arrived to see his mom waiting for him. 

"What were you thinking when you kissed Amelia and told her you loved her?!" Kristen demanded. 
James was shocked that his mom knew and wondered who had told on him. 
"You don't even know what love means! How could you be so stupid!" Kristen shouted at James.

"I did nothing wrong. We were just playing. Someone is lying on us!" James cried out. But that didn't seem to help any. Kristen was furious and began to scream at James. 

"I knew it was a bad idea for Amelia to stay here. You're going to ruin everything! You will marry Julia someday, and stop this nonsense right now!" Kristen told him sternly.

James was mad and protested his innocence. He could see it was no use. His mother was not listening to him and was dead set on the arranged marriage.

Kristen then called for Julia to come into the room. 

"I want to let you both know that you are both young and how important it is that you both obey your vows to each other even though you are both still children." Kristen told both Julia and James.  

Kristen then went to see Julia's mother. 

"I'm sorry that Julia had to see that. I had a talk with James and I will take care of this matter. This will not happen again." Kristen assured Isabel. 

"I do hope so. I wouldn't want our alliance to be ruined." she replied firmly, clearly making her intentions known.

She then went to see Amelia. 

"I don't know what your up to little girl, but this will stop immediately. How dare you kiss James! After everything we have done for you! And this is how you repay us!? I looked at you like a daughter!" Kristen shouted at Amelia. 

Amelia began to cry. 

"I didn't mean to do it! It was a accident. Please forgive me." Amelia pleaded with Kristen. 
"It was no accident. You were never my daughter. I was a fool to let James have you stay here. You are to be removed from court as soon as an arrangement can be made. And in the meantime, you are to stay away from James." she told Amelia sternly. 

As Kristen walked out of the room, Amelia broke down and cried wondering what her fate would be, and more importantly, whose daughter she really was.


  1. Awww it suck a ton for little James and girl is the mother of all brats!!!! I hope the queen will change her mind and James and Amelia will get married

  2. Poor James and Amelia... They are so sweet together! I can't wait to see where this all leads.

  3. Amelia can't be sent away , the whole reason her parents where made to have her in the first place was so that there would be another child born with the curse so they could cure James.

  4. :( That was plain unfair :(
    Love the post though :)

  5. Hehe...Amelia should get pregnant with James's baby when they are teens...Just sayin'. :P

    Great story though!

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  7. I agree with Leiah Mistoffelees they should and see what Julia family would think lol that's what i have to say

  8. Love all the ideas. Keep them comming you never know I might have that already lined out, or could put it in there or go in a whole diffrent direction.

  9. I love the post! Though I agree with MizDyamond and Leiah Mistoffelees.. It would be quite a twist of events and very interesting! <3 Then maybe Amelia could marry James ahem.. Just saying. ^_^

    ...and where did you get the horse decor? I have some but they're not very detailed and you can't change like anything. T_T

  10. OH, and where did you get their crowns? (James and his betrothed?)

  11. Thanks so much, I got the horses and crowns from this site.