Tuesday, May 17, 2011

James Turns Into A Teenager - Chapter Thirty Nine

It was a big day for James. It was his birthday and his parents invited many people from court to attend the celebration party. The servants served the food and wine. They even arranged for music as entertainment.

After everyone ate, they all gathered around to watch James blow out his candles and made a wish. He was now ready to turn into a teenager and leave his childhood behind.

He stood in the middle of the room with everyone cheering.

James was then surrounded by lights and began to transform. He grew tall and quite muscular. He was a stunning, handsome young man.

After the celebration, James stood with his parents in the throne room as many congratulated him and began to head home for the night. 

James tried to act like he was happy about becoming a teenager but he knew that it was just a step closer to getting married to Julia and he wanted nothing to do with it. Once she comes of marrying age, he was doomed to walk down the aisle with her.

Amelia was finally able to see James. 

"Oh I can't believe how tall and handsome you are." she told him. "Well, I might be a bit taller, but that doesn't mean we can't still play together." he replied and smiled.

They raced each other outside to play on the swings together. 

"I can swing higher than you!" Amelia called out to James. He looked over at her and laughed.

After they played and Amelia got tired, they went back to her room. He was moved out and given a more adult room. He hated it and wanted to still be in the same room. Before he headed to bed, they sat by the fire and he told her stories like he did when she was a baby.

"James I'm worried that the queen no longer likes me and Julia is always stirring up trouble. I fear she will send me away." Amelia told James. He looked over at her and tried to reassure her. 

"No don't be silly. She wouldn't do that. I think she will soon forget about it and things will return back to normal." he told her, although he too had his doubts.

After James left the room, Julia appeared. 

"So, you thought you were going to get my crown did you!? He would never marry a poor peasant girl like you. I'm of royal blood and that's what it takes to be a queen! I will not stop until your gone from here. You will never have James! I will be his wife and have his kids and we will rule the kingdom of Winchester together!" Julia screamed at Amelia. Then Julia stomped out of the room leaving Amelia angry.

The next morning Amelia found James down in the throne room. 

"I have to talk to you. Julia is really mad and came to my room last night. She screamed at me and even threatened to get rid of me any way she could." she told James. 
"Don't worry yourself. I will have a talk to her myself. I will do everything I can to keep you here. She's just trying to stir up trouble. She doesn't even care about me. She just wants to be the queen of Winchester." he reassured her.

Later that evening, Julia found James in the banquet hall. 

"There you are. What are you doing?" Julia asked James. 
"I'm not doing anything but relaxing." he replied.

Then, out of the blue, she started yelling at James. 

"I know you like Amelia but it will do you no good! I will get rid of her! You wait and see. You will have no choice but to marry me and forget all about that little monster! I'm royalty and she's a peasant!" she exclaimed confidently.

James was shocked that a little girl thought she could talk to him that way and tell him what to do. 

"Let me tell you something Julia. I will one day be king and if you do manage to become my queen, you will not ever talk to me that way again. Don't forget your place! You are the queen not the king." he reminded her. Julia bowed her head in shame. 

"You are right! I'm young and need guidance. I will learn my role and make you proud that I'm your queen." she told him.

Meanwhile Kristen was making plans and met with the wizard. 

"I want you to prepare to take a trip to the country cottage. Take Amelia there with you. She's to stay there until I decide what to do with her. I still need her for what we discussed earlier." Kristen told him. 
"I will make all the arrangements and we will depart this evening." he told her.

Just as Amelia feared, one of the ladies came and told her that she needed to pack her belongings and had a short time to do it in.

"Why?" Amelia asked panicked. 
"You are to go and live with your real parents in a cottage in the country. The queen thinks it would be best for everyone if you were to leave court." she told her.

After she packed quickly, she ran to find James. 

"They're making me leave today! They said something about me going to live with my real parents. I don't know where it is! My fears are coming true, they are splitting us up!" Amelia told James, holding back her tears. 
James was in shock at the thought of not having Amelia in his life. He knew his pleas would only anger his mother. 

It was time for Amelia to leave court. She was heartbroken and tears streamed down her face. James gave her a hug and whispered in her ear, "I will find you and we will be together one day. And always know that I love you." James whispered. 
Amelia had no words but hugged him tight.

She gathered her stuff and took a last look at her room. She couldn't believe everything that had happened in the past week. It was almost too much for her to bare.


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