Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kara's Transformation - Chapter Thirty Four

The queen decides to visit her son in his room. He was playing with the little girl and with Amelia. 

"I hope that you are doing well James?" Kristen asks her son. 
"I'm doing well mom. We were playing until it got dark. I want to go out and play." James replied.

She looked over to the girl standing beside James. 

"I have come to tell you that you are to return to your parents when the wizard comes for you. Prepare your belongings and be ready for the trip." the queen told her. 
Before Kristen left, she spent time with the kids. She couldn't help but to pick up Amelia and begin to tickle her. She giggled and squirmed with delight. The queen seemed to enjoy playing with her and seemed to have more and more to do with her each visit.

Kristen took Amelia to her bed, which was placed right next to James' bed in his room. Amelia reached up for Kristen as she stroked her cheek.

James was sad that the girl had to go back to her parents. She was now his best friend. He was sure to miss her. 

"I wish you didn't have to go. I will miss you. I will see if I can visit you or if they can arrange for you to come see me. I have enjoyed the time you and your sister have been here." he told her as he gave her a hug goodbye. 
Eventually, the wizard came and took the little girl to the cottage were her parents were staying. It didn't take long for them to arrive. They were greeted at the door by Beth. 

"Come in!" Beth told them.

There stood her family; her mom, dad and her sister. She was so happy to see them again.

She ran across the room to her parents who were waiting for her.

"Oh, how we have missed you! We have been waiting for you to come home to us!" Kara told her daughter excitedly.

She ran into her mother's arms and hugged her tightly. 

"I have missed you so much." she said softly.

It didn't take long for the wizard to place the bottle on the table. 

"We have kept our word and let you have your daughter back. Now it's your turn....drink up." he told Kara.

"I want you to take care of our girls if I don't survive this. Promise me you will?!" she asked him sternly. 

"You will be fine my love. It will be over soon. The girls will be fine. I will take good care of them." he replied to her concerned.

Kara walked over and picked up the bottle on the table. Everyone stood around in hopes for a happy ending. She hesitated in dread of the pain and possible death. After a few minutes she got the courage up and drank it.

The pain ripped through her body like it did before when she first became this monster. She screamed out in agony as her body tensed up. She felt like she was on fire as the potion spread throughout her body.

Slowly the color began to come back in her cheeks. She stopped screaming and her body slowly eased up from the spasm that she was in. She opened her eyes and looked over to see the wizard staring at her. 

Afterwards, things seemed ok and she ran over into the arms of her husband Mark. 

"I thought I was going to loose you there for a second. You scared me so bad. I don't remember what I did when I took the potion." Mark told Kara as he wrapped his arms around her tight hoping to never let go of her.

"The pain was so horrible that I thought for sure I was dying. I'm glad this is over. I hope the queen takes pity on us and lets us leave with our girls and start over." she told Mark.

Kara stood and looked over at her girls and wondered about the fate of the baby that the queen took. Now that the queen had found a cure, she would surely give back the baby girl? That is, if she was still alive.

Kara looked at the wizard. 

"Now that the queen has found a cure, can we have the baby girl that was taken from us?" Kara asked him. 

"I'm not allowed to speak of her to anyone. I would suggest that you forget about her if you still want the favor of the queen. If she chooses to give her back, she will have her brought here." he told Kara and turned to walk away.



  2. Oh my i cant believe it is the queen really not give back Amelia i ant wait for the next to come out n see what happens