Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Wizard Finds A Cure - Chapter Thirty Three

"What brings you here?" Beth asks the wizard. 
"The queen has sent me here for business purposes." he told her.

The wizard opens the door and brings in a little girl. 
"I need you to summon the parents." he commanded Beth.

Beth found them and told Mark and Kara to go to the front room of the cottage. When they entered the room, their daughter ran over and hugged her mom. Kara grabbed her daughter and kissed her with tears in her eyes. 

"I have missed you so much my sweet daughter. Have they treated you well?" she asked. 
"Oh yes, they gave us our own rooms and even let us play with the prince. He's so nice." she told her mom.

"Where is your sister?" Kara asked her. 
"She's not with me. She's still at the castle with Prince James. They told me I was to come alone with the wizard." she replied.

The wizard walked over to the table and placed a red bottle down then approached the girl's parents.

"In order to keep your daughter, one of you must drink this potion." he told them.

"I will do it." Mark replied as he walked over to the wizard. 
"My family has been through enough and I will do this for them. What is this potion for?" he asked the wizard.

"If all goes well, you will be free from this curse, or it may not work." the wizard replied.
Mark looked at the red bottle and knew he had no choice. He drank the whole bottle while everyone was watching to see what would happen.

Mark finished drinking the potion and could instantly feel his body warm up. He started feeling a tingling sensation go through his body. With a sudden pain he began to jerk and cry out.

Then everyone watched as Mark's skin became a pink color. The wizard continued to watch him and eventually, Mark slowly started to look normal. But to make absolutely certain that the potion had worked properly, he examined him. His fangs were gone and his skin was warm to the touch. 

"So how do you feel?" the wizard asked Mark hurriedly. 
"I can't believe it, but I feel great. I feel like I did when I was normal." Mark replied.

Kara ran over to her husband and hugged him. She was so afraid that he would die like her other daughter did. She couldn't bare the thought of loosing any more of her family. 

"I will check in a few days to see if you stay the same. If all goes well, I will then cure your wife." the wizard told them. 

Before the wizard left, he reminded them if they continued to do as the queen told them they would see their other daughter soon.

The wizard returns back to the castle to bring word that he has found a potion that worked. 

"My Queen, I have cured the man and he is doing well so far. All signs of the curse are gone. I will be heading out again to check his progress!" he told her with enthusiasm. 
"Let me know when you head out so I can see for myself this man you have cured." the queen replied.

The next day they arrived at the cottage. 
"I will wait here while you summon them." she told the wizard. 
"As you wish my queen." he replied as he went off into the next room.

After a few minutes they arrived to meet the queen. Kristen walked over to Kara and Mark. 

"So I see you are still alive and doing well. You appear to be normal." she appeared to tell herself as well as Mark.

"Come closer so that I might see for myself that you do not have any signs of this curse." she told him. 
Mark stepped close to the queen. He let her examine him in detail. She could find no signs of him ever having had the curse. She was excited and amazed at the results. She then walked over to have a word with the wizard.

Kristen asked the wizard to put together another potion and to do the same on the female. 

"I want her cured too before I will try this myself. If it succeeds, then we will proceed to the next step." she told him. 
"I will return to my cottage and prepare it at once." he replied.

"I will then report to your majesty the results. Do you want me to return the other girl to them when I return?" he asked. 

"The older girl you may, but Amelia is to remain at the castle." she ordered.

"If this works, you will be a very rich man. However, Amelia is not to be spoken of to them. We still need a cure for my son. I will not put his life in jeopardy. This potion might kill him since he's so young. I'm sure you will find a cure for him to." the queen said firmly, making sure he understood her orders. 
"Yes your majesty. I will do as you command." he replied and bowed.  


  1. GREAT POST :) I feel bad I've not commented in awhile. Great way to end the post :)

  2. Thanks so much for the comments, I love doing this story. I see great things for this one. I don't think I will ever end it.

    1. Maybe you can end it when the events of this meet up with the events of Fairytales

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  4. Castaway is on hold for a bit. I have to get creative with it. I still havent decided on where I want that story to go as of yet.

  5. Luv the blog glad to see more people are commenting PS i feel somehow a little romance going on with James and Amelia in the future?!?

  6. Thats so funny, I have been hearing a lotof people wanting them together. Lets see what happens.

  7. I second what Emily said <3 i love this blog

  8. omg i love ur stories and i want james and amelia to get together :) because my name is amelia hhahahahah

  9. You never know whats going to happen in this story. I like to keep everyone guessing. But I have grown a bit attached to her. So you never know.