Sunday, June 12, 2011

Amelia Vanishes - Chapter Fifty

Amelia laid in the dungeon barely able to move. She knows as soon as she's able, the wizard will have her drink another potion he's worked on. 
"He's so set on finding a cure for a baby or younger child that he will stop at nothing, even if it kills me," she thought.

James sat pondering on what to do. 

"I need to find a way to hide her from everyone, til she's an adult. Then she will no longer be needed for his experiments," he thought. 
James continued thinking over the next few hours.
"I have a place to hide her, and Sara could take her, but how can I get her out of that locked dungeon!?" he thought in desperation.

James found his father in the corridor alone. 

"Dad! I have to talk to you. Remember the little girl, Amelia. Well she's now a teenager and the wizard has her locked up in the dungeon trying to find a cure for this baby that I know doesn't have the curse. It's only a matter of time before mother will see he's not mine, but until then, they're set on finding a cure for this child. They will stop at nothing until she's dead. I can't let that happen. I love her," James told his father. 

This was a lot for his father to take in. 
"Are you sure of this?" he asked. 
"I have seen her there myself. He's already been doing things to her and she's barely hanging on! And as for Julia, she's been with someone else. I have never been with her," he convinced his father. "When things are ok, I'll meet you there," he told James and took off in the other direction.

James was waiting in the dungeon but couldn't get through the locked doors. His father showed up and unlocked the door. 

"Where did you get the keys?!" James asked in shock. 
"I know several people and let's just say we need to hurry up and do this before we get caught," he told him with a smirk. 
James hurried over to Amelia's side.

"Amelia wake up! We're going to get you out of here," James told her. 
By now, she was so weak that she couldn't even speak, she just opened her eyes for a brief moment and then drifted back off to sleep. 
"We will be back later when it's dark to get you," James told her as he kissed her forehead.

James then found Sara. 
"I have a plan, here are directions to a cottage that no one would think to look for her in. It's very secluded and far from the castle grounds. It's the perfect place for you and Amelia to hide, until she's free of this. It's only a matter of time before they realize that there is no need to have a cure and they will leave her alone! Meet me in the field when it grows dark and we will meet you there with Amelia," he told her.  

"Ok. While you are getting her out of there, I am going to send John, my husband, ahead to meet us there and get things prepared. Then I will head straight to the field and wait for you," she replied.

William made sure no one was going to be around when it was dark and followed James down to the dungeon. James went over and picked Amelia up and followed his father out of the dungeon. 

They arrived outside to see Amelia's sister riding up.

James put Amelia on the horse in front of Sara, so she could hold on to her. 

"Take her to the place that I have told you. Stay out of sight and I'll be there as soon as possible. Please take care of her," James included. 

"I will and we will see you when you arrive," she replied, then rode off into the darkness.

The next day, the Wizard went to try a new potion out on Amelia only to find the door open and the cell empty.

"What is this?! Where is Amelia?!" He looked at the lady and yelled. 
"I checked on her yesterday and she was there! I don't have the keys to unlock the door. So I couldn't have let her out," she replied, just as shocked to see that Amelia was missing.

"You were suppose to watch her! You tell me who has the keys and I'll deal with them myself!" he screamed at her. 

"It's..... It's one of the dungeon guards! The one in the black robe, the executioner!" she managed to get out. 

"The queen is going to have all of our heads!" he screamed and walked away.

The Wizard found Kristen in the banquet hall. 

"Your majesty, someone has taken the girl out of the dungeon. We have searched the whole area and cant find her. No one is speaking about it," he told her, trying to stay calm.

"I give you this little task and this is what you do!? You can't even keep up with one girl?!" Kristen yelled at him. 

"It wasn't me! The executioner has the keys, no one else! He has to be the guilty one!" he told her quickly. 
"That seems very unlikely that he would do that. He doesn't care for anyone or the fate of others! He's here for one purpose. You better find her and soon!" she told him.

The Wizard gathered up a couple of the guards and instructed them to search for the girl. 

"We have to find her and soon! We have to find her before she turns into an adult or she's useless to us!" he stressed to them.

William found Kristen all upset in the banquet hall. He already had a idea of why, but didn't let it show. 

"What's wrong dear?" he asked. 
"The stupid Wizard managed to lose this girl that we needed to help us find a cure for our grandson!" she told him angrily.

"I didn't know we were experimenting on innocent people for the sake of finding a cure for a child. We have one that works as an adult. Why is one life less important than others?!" he asked her. 

She was a bit shocked at his response. 
"It's our grandson so there is no comparison. I will find the traitor and they will be punished for their crimes," she responded.


  1. I had a long comment typed out but then had to switch accounts. This was great!!!

  2. finally william understands. kristen is totally retarded i am sure of this. also, plz do not let amelia get found or die.

  3. Wow... That's crazy! I am glad though William is on his son's side.... They aren't trying to find a cure for James so why is it so important to find a cure for baby? selfishness that's what!

  4. i agree with Carrie it crazy they r doing this, plz don't let find her James need her they love each other. i cant wait for the next one.